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01-18-21 03:21 PM
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Posted on 08-22-12 03:38 PM Link
If this is in the wrong forum please move it.I justt thought an article would be good here.

This will have a forum application.Once registered you will be asked if you want to create a forum.If not select no and you can always make a forum by clicking on create forum on the main menu of the forum application.If you are making an archive or closing your forum PM nintendo to close it.You can use such brands like






and so many more.

Not good at coding use this.

Would you like to use coding

o Yes

o No

Some features will only be available to coding like.

Rate user is only available when coding is activated.


Password protectedd forum means you must enter a password to get into it.The users don't have to only the owner/admin/mods do.

Forum search.Select the forum brand and hit search.It pops up forums on that brand like

Search:Acmlm --------------
| OK |

? results found


The W forum




If you type in Forum you will get forums made from unknown coding like





Create a chatroom or join an existing one created from a forum or from a forum software like acmlm.If you want your chatroom locked to where people need to enter a pass before entering the chatroom.You can also make it where people need to enter a password before entering.

EDITS soon to come with more of the article.
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Since: 08-17-04

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Posted on 08-22-12 03:43 PM Link
I'm completely confused.

First off, this has nothing to do with the subject you chose to attach to it.

Secondly I'm lost on why we're still getting inundated with people from Vizzed and other message boards who constantly want to come over here to dissect the experience.

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Xeogaming Forums - Game Over - Nintendo DSI 2. | Thread closed

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