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01-16-21 06:50 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Game Over - RIP Tiffany | | Thread closed
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Posted on 07-04-12 10:14 PM Link
My cousin Tiffany died today.She was ammited to the hospital Monday.She called 911 when she wasn't feeling right.After calling 911 she could hardley breath.She then collapsed.An ambulance game and found her head first on the carpet(Tiffany suffered no head injury)She was awake.They put Tiffany in the ambulace tested her oxygen rate.It was low and she was deteriorating.She was put to sleep then was put on a breathing machine to help her breath.They got to the hospital and took of her breathing machine and put Tiffany on an oxygen mask.Every time Tiffany would breath she would struggle to breath.It was so bad to where I would exit the room then enter the room and find her not looking normal.About 2 hours of her being ammited the Dr said Tiffany would regain conciousness in 5 hours.5 hours passed and Tiffany never regained conciousness.The Dr said Tiffany would the next day but nope.Tiffany then fell into a coma the day she was sussposed to regain conciousness.Her condition deteriorated alot that day.The next day I asked Tiffany to move her arm she did Just that but was still in a coma.I thought she was gonna regain conciousness but she diden't.3 hours later I asked Tiffany to move her arm again she didn't do it.30 minutes later I asked Tiffany to move her arm again she still didn't do it.A few minutes later Tiffany died.There was nothing they could do to prevent this.Surgery wasn't an option as it was in a bad spot(info courtasey of Tiffany's X-rays)Just a few weeks ago Tiffany was ammited to the hospital a few weeks ago for a Drug overdose.She remained unconcious the entire day and didn't wake up till the next day.The Dr said the Drug overdose was Tiffany's first suicide attempt.

Tiffany was a good cousin.We did lots of things as kids and even made our own games using board games.

You will be dearly missed Tiffany

1966-2012(Age 43)

Any prayers for Tiffany may be sent through reply to this thread PM or through Profile comment.

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Posted on 07-05-12 08:40 PM Link
sorry to hear about that. Sounds like pneumonia from what you are saying. My prayers are towards you and your family. Once again my condolences.
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Xeogaming Forums - Game Over - RIP Tiffany | Thread closed

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