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04-02-23 03:01 AM
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Appearance: Lulu is a Pacific islander with a tiny build. She wears a tight wrap around her torso, as well as a bullet proof vest with bandoliers that she has filled with water bottles. She.wears two belts modified to hold more water bottles, and cargo pants. At her feet are a pair of white and red sneakers. Lulu has short chopped brown hair with a red stripe running through it, as well as.having a very intricate tattoo along her right arm, it appears to be some sort of tribal design.

Abilities: Lulu has the ability to control all forms of water be it gas, liquid, or solid. Her tribe has long kept their abilities to themselves but, Lulu left her tribe to take what belongs to her. Everything.
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Xeogaming Forums - Character Profiles - Lulu Mariko |

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