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06-07-23 12:54 PM
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Blue Octorok

Since: 01-17-11

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Posted on 05-30-11 04:22 PM Link | Quote
How did you create the sub forums on this board?


Since: 07-08-10
From: Denmark

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Posted on 06-02-11 05:47 AM Link | Quote
Obviously by modifying the codebase to have subforums.

Ball and Chain Trooper

Since: 08-14-04
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Posted on 06-02-11 10:31 AM Link | Quote
The forums themselves are normal forums that are just not listed on the main index (and the links are literally just manually made in the forum descriptions), but yes DS created new entries in the DB for some stuff and modified forum.php/index.php so that when there's new posts in sub forums that's also indicated on the index.
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Posted on 06-02-11 10:46 PM Link | Quote
I don't remember how I did it here (and checking the code would probably give me an headache), but it's not that hard.

You can go at it in two ways:
- Add two fields to the database, one being a boolean that is TRUE when the forum is a subforum. The other field stores the id of the parent forum.

- Add only one field to the database that will contain the id of the parent forum. If that id is 0, that means it is not a subforum.

Then it is just a matter of adding the appropriate checks in the loop on the index.php page and do something like

while($subforum = mysql_fetch_array(mysql_query("SELECT FROM forums WHERE parent='".intval($forum['id'])."' ")))

Note that this particular piece of code probably wouldn't work by itself, because I haven't even looked at the board's code
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