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09-30-23 06:14 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Muses' Sanctuary - "That Damn Fox Girl" the introduction of Sorcha Rohan | |
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True Flight

The One

Since: 08-21-04

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Posted on 02-01-11 09:56 PM Link | Quote
Just thought I'd write something out of boredom and this is what I did. Sorry if I put myself in the story it's based off a dream I had back in middle school.

So who is Sorcha Rohan anyway? Here's the story of how I met her.

I couldn't believe it. I got caught doing something stupid. I'm in charge of this damn world and yet the crowds don't believe me. Why? All because of that damn vampire giving me a limiter that I can't take off. So now I can't even PROVE I'm The Pillar. Well, all's well that end's well... Hopefully. These guards are dressed in a ton of white. For a world of night they love to believe that day will eventually come. As if, this is Trallis The World of Night.

I looked around and there was nobody in here. My back ached because of those stupid sun guards throwing me in this cell. It was damp, so damp that the walls had condensation on them. Where was I? I know this is my world but where heck is this jail supposed to be? Last thing I remember was introducing myself to this angel girl as Sarah. Only one person in this world is named Sarah. Heh, just so happened to be me. How Mary Sue is that?

Anyway, a couple of sun guards heard me say my name and they wanted proof. Lucky me, trying to fit in with everyone, I couldn't prove myself as The Pillar. Should've introduced myself with an off name like Faith or Hope like the angels call themselves. I probably could've given myself a weird name like Raylinda or Efreet. Well that's then, this is now. No more should've could'ves. So those guards threw me in here for using Sarah's name in vain. What are the chances right?

Well now I'm in this damp, musty, and moldy jail. Now to just sit here and wait.

I continued to look around. Something was here. Something very powerful. "If you're hiding," I said a little nervously, "you should show yourself now. I don't like to be scared. After all we're both criminals here." As soon as I finished I heard a rustle behind me.

"Well well, The Pillar got put in prison," a girl's voice sounded behind me. I could identify this voice as female because it sounded a lot like me just more tomboy slurs in the syllables.

I looked a little harder and walked over to the wall. There buckled to the bricks was a girl sitting on the ground with her hands up. I moved closer. She had a very sporty build to her. Her hair was about shoulder length and brown. She wore a tattered skirt and spaghetti strapped shirt that covered just above her belly. On her feet, she had knee high boots. "Who are you?"

"The name's Sorcha," she said with a smirk. "And you must be The Infamous Pillar Sarah." She moved one of her feet up so that she had one of her knees bent. "I just thought you'd wind up here. Dorjan gave you a limiter right?"

I touched the jewel on my neck. "No it's not a limiter," I said finally. "It stops me from ever harming anything." I felt a bit of sadness crawl up my spine to my neck and create a knot in my throat.

"Doesn't matter. Mr. Vampire gave me one too. He thought I needed it so I could keep a low profile too, but those damn sun guards caught me anyway," Sorcha still kept a crooked smirk. "That blond angel girl couldn't keep them away from sending me to a 'fair' trial anyway." Sorcha looked at me and said something else, "Do you recognize anything about me?"

It just dawned on me. This girl looked just like me. Dull green eyes with a brown ring around the pupils, light brown hair, pale skin and a face with high cheek bones and a mixture of European features.

"You noticed yet?" Sorcha said.

"Yeah," I said and pinched her cheek. "You're me.."

"Ouch..." Sorcha sighed and looked at me. "No dimwit, I have the closest aura to you and people call me your destructive side." She held her head low.

I blinked and put a finger on my chin, leaned in a little closer, and looked at her. "So you're my Scott - Irish side. Lots of anger issues there."

"You're telling me," Sorcha laughed. "Hey I have a favor to ask of you."

I looked closer at the girl. "Well you have to tell me what you were in here for first."

"Like I would tell a person who has so much power but wishes to forever stay powerless what I was thrown in here for," Sorcha said and raised her nose up in disgust. It seemed she thought I was lowly compared to her.

"Well it would seem you did way worse than me because you're chained up to the point you can't reach your limiter," I said pointing to her bracelet on her left hand.

"I'm not telling you," Sorcha said looking at me with a glare.

"Then I'm not helping you Sorcha," I said with a smirk. "Either you tell me or I won't help you."

Sorcha was silent for a bit. "Fine, I'll sit here and wait for my trial."

I shrugged and sat down in front of her. I felt around the ground to see what was there. It still was a little too dark to see much. Vivid colors like greens and whites were easy to see up close. I laid down on the dusty ground and sighed. It seemed like hours passed by and nobody came down to feed us or anything.

"It was a couple weeks ago," Sorcha piped up.

I looked at her and blinked. "What happened?"

"I was at my dojo meditating, after I had finished I went back to my toy room to play for a bit," she paused and I could hear her grinding her teeth. "I walked into the room and saw that they all were missing." The air around me began to heat up just a tiny bit. "All of them, stuffed toys, squeaky toys, ropes with knots in them, every single one of them... Stolen." Sorcha's tone changed for a minute. "And by who... why those damn Sun Chasers. A whole race of people who celebrate the sun in a world of night. What a joke. I walked to the village where that race had lived. I was so mad... I was so mad I exploded and wiped the Sun Chasers off the face of Trallis."

"Did you at least ask them why?" I asked looking at this girl with anger issues.

"Who cared... Was my thought," Sorcha said sounding a bit saddened. "I never asked just wiped them out along with my toys. So getting mad at myself, I lost control and my explosion almost reached to one of the Watch Towers outside of Crema."

I began to think back. I never saw this explosion, it must've been before I left that tower in the middle of no where. That was when I left for Crema and met my old guardians. A lot has happened since then. As a result of everything, I had no guardians, and this girl... doesn't have anger issues, she has an entire subscription. The sun guards left me in here with her?! I would like to complement them for scaring the crap out of me.

Sorcha looked up at the ceiling. "I was arrested by the Messengers of the Sun. Angels." She smirked and a tear fell down. "I was sent to trial so they started my judgment in Sprallier," Sorcha stopped and changed her mood and looked at me. "Beautiful floating city to visit, but not in cuffs." She then looked back up at the ceiling. "Right after they declared my genocide a very bad crime they sentenced me to death." Sorcha looked at me with a serious face. "When Angels sentence you to death you are sent to a room that is white. Completely white. You stand there strapped up so you can't move. You're chained so you're standing and your arms are crossed over you, like what you humans on Earth call a straight jacket." Her eyes thinned. "When the angels set this up and you're standing, the executioner send charges of holy electricity straight up the chains. For a demon it's fatal because of the holiness in it."

"You must be a demon," I said looking at her, "for causing all of that damage."

Sorcha smirked and looked at me. "According to those chains I fell to the ground being shocked almost to death. I had dislocated both of my shoulders. However I wasn't killed, so I know I'm not a demon. Or maybe I'm one of high caliber and it takes a lot more than a couple shocks to kill me." Sorcha looked forward. "Anyway, I remember passing out and waking up in another trial. This time caged up in front of Magnus Lumier himself."

I raised my hand and looked at her.

"What?" She said a little aggravated.

"Who was Magnus Lumier?" I asked.

"Oh wow you've been The Pillar since you discovered this place and you never once heard of the most powerful of The Messengers of the Sun?" Sorcha asked.

I nodded. "I showed up when people spoke of Vulcanus Lumier."

"Vulcanus is his son. Magnus ruled very strictly but he showed one of his guards favoritism because he wanted his son to marry her. He never arranged their marriage just took a pride in her skills as a knight for the angels," she smirked. "True Flight. She was a knight at heart too just like her brother's before her. Anyway I woke up and she was standing beside my cage. True began to defend me. Telling him that I was a key to help this world immensely. I survived the death sentence he should give me a chance. Mean while another angel argued with her. This was Vulcanus before he took his place on the throne of Sprallier. He said I was a cancer to this world and I should spend the rest of my life trapped in a magical cell. He was adamant about seeing me gone. True kept this argument going. What if I break out? What I needed was supervision," Sorcha laughed. "Magnus wanted to put me under the supervision of Vulcanus first to see how things go. So I was put in a mansion doing absolutely nothing for days. Meditating or as Vulcanus would call in PLOTTING." Sorcha sat her knee down. "Vulcanus caught me in the middle of my meditation and pissed me off to no ends. I blew his mansion up. The only thing that kept everyone alive was the magical barrier Vulcanus had put around everyone to protect them from the fire."

"Wow... Vulcanus must not like you," I said smiling. "Tell me more, this it's interesting."

Sorcha laughed. "Magnus sent True straight to me to pick me up and banished her and myself from Sprallier. The only way for True to ever return was to marry Vulcanus Lumier. Not that I cared, but I felt pretty guilty for True. True just nodded and did as she was told. She and I left for Crema where she became a demon huntress and I was her kick ass side kick!" I laughed as Sorcha tried to through a couple punches but the cuffs prevented her from doing so. "Anyway," Sorcha said shrugging it off. "She had a system for training me on my limitations. Mostly was keeping me in a very low leveled form until I mastered what I could." Sorcha smirked. "Then came a long a wanted poster with Dorjan's name and face on it. True wanted to take down this vampire for a very special reason."

I giggled. "Would his nightly raids for female underwear be the reason?"

Sorcha nodded. "Yes, but Dorjan had blatantly stolen a pair of her panties."

"Well I would agree a pair panties from an Angel is a good find," I said laughing.

Sorcha laughed, "You wouldn't believe how angry she was. Well Dorjan's pretty powerful for being a vamp and all. True attacked him and the fight lasted awhile. He then looked at me then surrendered the panties. True was rather shocked about this then looked at him asking why he just did that. He then pointed to the fire surrounding me. It was laughing as I was. So it was hard to control it. I felt the heat go up my spine and to all the parts of my body. True was yelling at me to stop and control myself. I couldn't help it. Dorjan ran up to me and snapped this bracelet on me and it all stopped." Sorcha smiled. "A feeling of relief came over me, but feelings of anger, sadness, and shame came over True. Dorjan told her as a payment he wants the panties he had stolen."

I giggled. "This is just too much. So what was your crime being sent here?"

"Well yesterday I was wondering around with out supervision and Vulcanus caught me getting the sun guards to arrest me. Now I wait here to see what torture I get this time," Sorcha answered. "Now can you do me that favor?"

I sat there and looked at this girl with the anger subscription. I snapped my fingers and an idea came over me. "Well if Dorjan helps out we can get you and I pardoned because he is considered like a king or mayor here now. You know a huge politician even though he has a perverted side."

"So you're going to help me bust out of here?" Sorcha asked with a hopeful look.

"Tell you what, in order to prove myself as The Pillar I need one out of my guardians with me. We can help each other out. You become my guardian and we go to the Clock Tower to talk Dorjan into pardoning us. Which he will. You're also under my supervision now," I said with a smirk.

"You want me to guard you... From what?" Sorcha laughed. "Besides you're a bit ditzy for being The Pillar."

"You either make a contract with me and I free you, or you and I stay here for our 'fair trials,'" I said with a more crooked smile.

"You still can make contracts?" Sorcha asked.

"Yes, that's the only thing I can do. Make contracts for those who are working for me," I looked at her with what felt like a serious look. "So are you willing to make a contract?"

Sorcha laughed. "Okay, but you're going to have to contract my true form."

I put a hand over Sorcha's bracelet. The stone in the middle shone and then turned black. Fire covered Sorcha's body. The area around Sorcha began to warm up. It was so hot I was sweating. What was I getting into? This girl is so powerful. She took out an entire race of people. The fire cleared revealing a girl in the same tattered outfit with a pair of fox ears. Her hair was a radiant red with a covered pony tail reaching the floor and her eyes were a bright green. Behind her Sorcha was a very fluffy and long fox tail. "You thought I was going to look like this all the time?" Sorcha said revealing her sharp canine teeth.

I laughed and looked at her. "Sorcha..." I struggled to see if she had a last name.

"Rohan," she said. "Sorcha Rohan of the Rohan clan."

"Okay," I said aloud. "Sorcha Rohan of the Rohan Clan, if you contract under my commands you will follow them to the fullest and you show no mercy to those who want to destroy me because if they kill me they kill Trallis. Do you agree with the terms?" I said holding my hand out to Sorcha.

Sorcha smirked and forced one of her wrists off of the wall. She put her hand in mine. "I do." The moment those words were spoken a light covered her. The light faded away and she looked at me. "I don't feel any different," she said.

I pointed to her right shoulder. There was the mark of the guardian on her shoulder an X with a tear drop upside down on the top and a tear drop right side up on the bottom. "It's the mark of a guardian. Now let's get outta hear Sorcha."

Sorcha smirked and sent a flying spin kick to the wall causing it to collapse. I saw sun guards running towards us. "Get on my back!" she yelled.

I jumped on and she piggy backed me through all the guards as fast as she could. She then jumped out of a window with the two of us. I screamed and closed my eyes.

Before I knew it, I was in the clock tower and Dorjan glared at me. "So you contracted that little fox demon." He walked up to her and waved his hand over her limiter and she was back to the brown haired girl. "I can't believe you ran into your counter part Sarah and contracted her. Well, she's going to cause us trouble because one of the angels is after her."

I smiled, grabbed a step stool, and walked up to Dorjan. stood on the step stool. I gave him a pat on the head. "Well things will be a lot more interesting now. Sun guards are headed this way you know."

Dorjan sighed. "That crystal is going to keep your mark from being seen. You know that right?"

I laughed. "You're good with politics you'll find out what you need to do."

The End

Divine Mamkute
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Posted on 02-02-11 01:07 AM Link | Quote
And the source of your usernames is revealed, lol. Very interesting account, though if it isn't Earth why are their references to Europe and Scot-Irish heritage?
True Flight

The One

Since: 08-21-04

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Posted on 02-02-11 02:17 AM Link | Quote
Because Trallis is located in the same galaxy and some people know all about Earth's traditions. Plus the Pillar is originally from Earth too.

Divine Mamkute
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Ms. Invisable

Since: 08-15-04
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Posted on 02-02-11 02:57 AM Link | Quote
Ah, ok. So where did this all get it's start?
True Flight

The One

Since: 08-21-04

Since last post: 2483 days
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Posted on 02-02-11 03:05 AM Link | Quote
I'm still trying to figure it out. All the characters I made have connecting stories too.
Makii Tachibana


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Posted on 02-13-11 08:58 AM Link | Quote
And so enters Makii. Right around october of 2010. A guy named Makii showed up in Trallis. And now he gets expiremented on and tested every day by these crazy people that are his freinds.

(could not contain myself but you can laugh now, god knows i am especially since Dorjan is being the Father Figure right now. Makii is just waiting for the sit down and lets talk about this speach)
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