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03-30-23 01:15 PM
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Posted on 12-10-10 07:21 PM Link | Quote
Well, I've been so busy with real life (I know, there is one away from the board) that I had mainly forgotten to send our dear friend, Elder Vulkas Mormonous, a letter. Sure, it had swam to the front of my mind, but was quickly swept away by work and other various stressing issues.

In any case, I went downstairs today and my mom informed me a letter had come for me from California. At first, I had no idea who would be mailing me. Doubt turned to surprise, however, and I sped across the rest of the room as one thought filled my mind: 'That crazy mormon sent me a letter!'. Sure enough, the return address was signed by Alex Tigges.

Now, for the reason of putting this thread in the Sim/RP Discussion. You see, Vulkar did not just send me a letter; no. Vulkar decided that we were going to have a long distance simbattle via these letters. We had joked about the idea before, but it never became anything I thought to be serious.

So, in the thread I am going to post in the Arena, I will be posting both mine and Vulkar's responses. Starting off will be him, and I will quote word for word what his hand-written letter says. Did I mention he has worse writing than I? xD

Ah, and he also left me with an 'out of character' tidbit written at the bottom. Here it is:

Originally posted by Elder Vulkas Mormonous
And now you HAVE to write me, xD. You can just type your reply and mail it if you're feeling lazy.

Vulkas Mormonous

This guy.
I'll be sure to update this thread with any other responses he has that may apply to everyone, but this is in no way the 'Dear Vulkar' thread.
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim/RP-Discussion - Vulkar sent me a letter |

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