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01-15-21 12:53 PM
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Kyoku kun

Phan Phan
Where in the world in Aurora the Explora? Currently California!

Since: 06-19-06
From: Northern California

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Posted on 10-31-10 10:20 AM Link | Quote
Sorry guys, life's been pretty busy. Ya' know.. traveling around Europe for nine weeks by myself.. same old, same old. Paris 'n shit, nothing special.

But seriously, on to why I actually made this thread. I'm traveling around Europe. I've been going at it for the last 23 days and, at this point, I've been through Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Paris and now The Hague, Holland. My next stop is Amsterdam, followed by Copenhagen, Berlin, Vienna(again) and Florence. We'll see where my travel go from there.

THEN, when I get back around December 10th, I may have a friend from Quebec coming at visiting me, then in January a friend from Colombia. Then in February I leave for Argentina for a month or so. Last, but not least, in September I leave for Jerusalem with my best friend to live and volunteer for at least four months.

So, you may be able to tell, traveling and international related things are my passion. I've saved my money since I was 12 in order to do trips like this. I'm going to, hopefully, start working hard on learning Spanish, Hebrew (no, I'm not religious), German and keeping up my Japanese.

My question to all of you is, where have you been outside of your country? Do you know any languages other than English?
True Flight

The One

Since: 08-21-04

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Posted on 10-31-10 12:46 PM Link | Quote
Iraq habibi =P that's arabic for my friend. And Mexico compadre!

Super Shotgun

Since: 01-11-05

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Posted on 10-31-10 03:38 PM Link | Quote
Never been outside the state other than a few times, never been outside of this country ever.

However... Ich spreche Deutsch gut!

#1 Enhancement Shaman US Ravenholdt

Since: 09-05-04
From: His Laughin' Place

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Posted on 11-01-10 12:52 AM Link | Quote
Is it true girls dont shave their armpits over there?

Do you shave your armpits?
Kyoku kun

Phan Phan
Where in the world in Aurora the Explora? Currently California!

Since: 06-19-06
From: Northern California

Since last post: 3363 days
Last activity: 2990 days
Posted on 11-01-10 08:30 AM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Bitmap
Is it true girls dont shave their armpits over there?

Do you shave your armpits?

Yes, I shave my armpits. And that's a stereotype. I feel like it's more common to find girls that don't, probably.
If you're reading this... You are the Resistance

Since: 08-17-04

Since last post: 11 hours
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Posted on 11-01-10 10:43 AM Link | Quote
Hooray for self-pandering?

I've been to Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, and France. Hawaii a few times if that counts for leaving the continent.

Planning a big trip for next October, but I don't want to jinx it since it's based on whether or not I'll get my internship done on time.

Ball and Chain Trooper

Since: 08-14-04
From: 255

Since last post: 6 days
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Posted on 11-01-10 12:15 PM Link | Quote
Dang, sounds like fun Kyoku.

Sadly I've never been out of the US myself. I say sadly because yeah, I'd love to travel around someday myself. I've been all over the US, but definitely hope to make it oversea's someday. I think I'd love to check out the bigger places in Europe more than anything else, the UK, France, and Germany, etc.

As for languages I've taken classes for French, Spanish, and Japanese, and royally sucked at all of them. Nowadays after watching too much anime I know some basics of Japanese better than I ever did while taking that class, but yeah. I'm just generally terrible at learning other languages I guess, so not for me.


Since: 01-29-05
From: New Zealand

Since last post: 2958 days
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Posted on 11-01-10 12:51 PM Link | Quote
I love to travel! Other than Mexico or Canada, I've only traveled around the US. This upcoming May me and a couple of my best friends are going to Germany, France and Amsterdam for 3 weeks. I Can't wait!
Hannelore the Great


Since: 11-03-10
From: Narnia!

Since last post: 3668 days
Last activity: 3526 days
Posted on 11-03-10 02:34 PM Link | Quote
That's kind of amazing that you do so much traveling. I love traveling, I'm just terrible at saving money. I've traveled almost all over the States, there's still a few States I've left to visit, but I too really enjoy Europe. I've been to Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland and The UK, all in one lovely month.

For a while when I was about 12, I was considering learning Japanese and transferring to a school in Japan because my family has close friends that live Chiba. But I gave up on that because I didn't want to leave my friends. The same thing happened 3 years ago when I almost moved to Paris to work in a friend of my mother's bookstore, but I decided not to go because I didn't want to leave my boyfriend.

Meh. I'll start traveling again. I think it's wonderful that you're so passionate about it.

- H.

Divine Mamkute
Dark Elf Goddess
Chaos Imp
Penguins Fan

Ms. Invisable

Since: 08-15-04
From: Ferelden

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Posted on 11-03-10 03:29 PM Link | Quote
Only Mexico and most of the US. I suppose technically I was on the Canadian side of the Niagara river for two seconds but I do plan on a Canada trip some time after the move to Pennsylvania. I would LOVE to travel around Europe and the rest of the world, hopefully I will get to some day.

Dark Wizard
\"She said tonight...come on come on collide...see what I fire feels like..I bet its just like heaven.\"

Since: 08-15-04
From: Philadelphia, P.A.

Since last post: 148 days
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Posted on 11-03-10 07:06 PM Link | Quote
**cough** Philly will be closer than Canada... And then...from there...Road Trip to Canada! Maybe? Yes? We can go to the hockey hall of fame together and bicker like children until the second we leave the sacred ground! It'll be fun!

But seriously, other than visiting over in Oregon for a little while (Fricken BEAUTIFUL. Screw the big buildings I'm accustomed to. You can't move mountains.) I've gone to Florida, and New Jersey. Oh! NYC once....and...near Boston to visit with my ex-boyfriend's family. Oh! Shit...I've been to Tennessee too. My dad moved there, so yeah. Only went once though.

Languages? If I actually worked at them, they're the few things I'd actually be good at. I touched on Spanish, Italian, Gaelic(family) and Japanese, and picked up VERY quickly the little that I know, and can use it with as much ease as I do with English. I just get lazy.

But nonononononoNONONONOnononoNONONO!!!!!!!!!! Bad Boss! Don't use anime as a staple for learning the language.
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