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06-07-23 12:32 PM
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Name: Kyll Vie
Race: Succubus Demon
Age: ???

Appearance: Kyll has black hair with red highlights. Her hair reaches her lower back where it curls. She has long bangs that reach her chin. The bangs naturally stay the sides of her face. About her bangs just a bit are a pair of horns that follow along her skull. Kyll wears a torso armor made from the scales of wyverns. There is nothing metal on it. It's flame resistant and very durable. On top of her arms she wears a sort of skin tight suit that goes from her chest to her legs. It's made of firey sheep's wool. She wears a pair of fingerless gloves with the enchanted stones of Elspeth on them. (More into the gloves in a minute). The Chest plate goes past her stomach. Have ever over her stomach is a piece of clothe made from flame cow's(Think of minotaurs on fire she just calls them cattle) hide it's been bleached and dyed a pink color with a pentacle in the middle. It's tied into a bow in the back however sewn to the bow is a cloth that wraps around like a skirt with a very large slit in it. It reveals her left leg which she wears cloth from the firey sheep of the Netherworld. She wears a pair of boots that are made of the the same hide her bow is made of.

History: Kyll has lived her life in the slums of one of the largest cities in the Netherworld. Kyll has grown from selling herself on the streets to grabbing her victims anyway. During her barbaric way of life she found Kaijin. She began to stalk him now and then, but continued to learn more about him from the shadows until she was discovered... Well he knew she was there the entire time. So she decided to work under him even if it was against his will, Kyll was very entertained by this vampy.


Kyll: Kyll has more of a barbaric style of fighting. She does carry a set of small daggers under the skirt part to her outfit. However she can grow her nails to about 8 inches long. Her nails are very indestructible thanks to her Elspeth Gloves. These talons are very sharp and can cut through metals. Her talons are also cursed with a poison. If cut by these talons, the victims injury will rot 10 times as fast and it is also very VERY painful.

Elspeth Gloves: These gloves were given to her by her elders before she left out to figure out how succubi live. They give her, her ability to use magic and make her stronger.


((I don't believe in naming attacks off now a days it doesn't help anymore))

She uses her gloves to control the elements around her. Kyll has been known to make one of her daggers into a sword out of the materials needed to make from the earth beneath her. Most of the stuff she uses is around her own feet. She does like to use elements with her melee attacks.
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Xeogaming Forums - Character Profiles - Kyll Vie (Rehash) |

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