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03-20-23 11:04 AM
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Posted on 10-07-10 10:04 PM Link | Quote
A work in progress. A character based on Egyptian mythology and practices.

Name: Adom

Appearance: A young man of average build, Adom is donned in a white Egyptian kilt, with a matching linen shirt on his chest and brown sandals upon his feet. His head is bald, save for the braided ponytail that hangs down his neck. Kohl lines his brown eyes.


A Khopesh, blade made of gleaming bronze and hilt of black leather.

Magic Kit: Includes rope, wax, a wooden rod and a Wand (white and curved, resembling a boomerang)


As a scribe, Adom wields great power over the written and spoken language of Egyptian, the birth language of magic. He is able to bend the world to his will, at a cost.

Adom is also host to the spirit of the Bennu, an ancient bird of flame said to be immortal. The Bennu grants him additional energy, along with an immunity and greater control of the fire element. The Bennu also grants Adom the ability to change form into its likeliness.

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Xeogaming Forums - Character Profiles - Adom |

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