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06-07-23 12:33 PM
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Squire Vince

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Since: 04-17-10
From: Victorian London.

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Posted on 09-16-10 01:50 AM Link | Quote
Appearance: State 1- In this state the robot is a large hulking brute. With a humanoid figure this model carries machine gun turrents on it's shoulders, rockets on it's back, a photon cannon on the right hand and the left hand has a large spiked orb that is attached to a chain that runs through the body. This form is very resistant to direct attacks. This model is around 10 ft tall.

State 2- The robot assumes this state after shedding the first coat. This new model is a faster, smaller; and sleeker version of state 1. While in this state robot carries a cybernetic vaccum inducer, shaped like a gun. It also carries a gunblade,  this version can seperate it's two arms into four, six and eight. These allow it to use the multitude of guns and swords that are embedded in it's body. Also by charging it's energy this state can fire a large beam from it's chest towards the enemy. This model is 6ft tall. 

State 3- This model is released after the second state. This model comes with razor sharp collapsable wings, it can also create a magnetic sheild by clapping it's hands together. The figure is small at 4ft tall, but it is lethal as it moves extremely fast and is covered in blades that weigh around one ton each, this model can also fire bolts of electrcity from any surface, it has a built in vaccum inducer and can also fire a very destructive beam from it's chest. 

Background: Robot is a (you guessed it) fighter robot supposed to end all man vs man warfare. But the orignal model went haywire and destroyed everything else and then fled. Robot can feel one emotion but it is only brought out under extreme circumstances. Hatred.

Abilities: Robot is fireproof, it controls a personal magnetic field.
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