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04-02-23 12:55 AM
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Squire Vince

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Posted on 09-14-10 08:28 PM Link | Quote
Appearance: Chester is a thin short man. He has short cut blond hair, white eyes, and he has four arms. Chester is usually garbed in jeans and an upper robe concealing his two lower arms. Chester has five swords three go across his back and he has one on each hip. Each of the swords have been blessed giving them special powers.

Background: Chester was a disillusioned swordsmaster before traveling the world to sharpen his blades against the greatest fighters across the globe.

Special Abilities/ Powers: Chester was cursed with "The Crushing Voice". This was placed on him by a monk before Chester killed him. The curse makes it so that if Chester ever speaks or emits a sound, his voice will carry with it destruction. Due to this Chester has learned to speak telepathically. All of Chester's weapons have been enchanted to harm anyone but Chester, and if willed by Chester they will return to him.

1. Blade of Eons-This is a katana that allows Chester to amplify his attacks by using air. He cannot use the attacks when not holding the blade.

2. Sword of Frost- This is a rapier not designed to kill but designed to deliver small slashes. When cut by this sword the target's injured limb will go numb to an extent, though they will be in extreme discomfort.

3. Whistling Blade- A longsword with strategic holes that allow Chester to confuze the enemies and allow the blade to move faster. The blade whistles when swung through the air. Also the blade can be removed from the hilt as there is a large chain on the inside of the hilt.

4. Hammersword- An unsual blade that Chester weilds excellently. The blade is a thin flat blade until the top of the sword where there is a spiked ball.

5. Forbidden Blade- Chester carries this blade in the middle of his back. It is covered in bandages, when unclothed the blade can reflect all magical attacks. The blade is flat, wide, and long and holds untold powers.
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Xeogaming Forums - Character Profiles - Chester Kraimer |

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