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03-09-21 06:08 AM
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Posted on 08-15-10 02:53 AM Link | Quote
So I plan on starting an RP in the near future. It will detail a war between the new Allies and Axis. Below I will give a short introduction to the war as well as the races and the two sides of the war. This will also be my first RP so if I could get assistance from other veterans of the board it would be much appriciated.

Introduction: In the year 2033, twleve meteors hit planet earth at the same time, on different areas. These meteors mutated the inhabitants of nearby countries, cities and villages, leaving millions of human beings changed. Soon the victims of meteor radiation began to feel the onset of their changes. The different climates and environments effected the mutation greatly. Soon thereafter these new powerful Pro-Humans overthrew the governments and most of the countries fell into anarchy, it was at this point when the final human being, Kyle Durmant, was killed. Years later, two Pro-Humans Gerald Kree and Nathan Waltz, solidified all of the seperate city-states into one large worldwide country, using their power, but after a fallout between the two, the world was at war again. You are now a part of this war, your role is up to you. This RP will be taking place during battles throughout the war.

Gerald's military force is known as the States. Races of the States are:

1. Shines-A race of warriors and barbarians that are covered by a thick layer of malleable diamonds. The race has learned to morph the diamonds into fantastic shapes and weapons. The shines are a very dumb people and do not strategize well, they also have difficulty moving at high speeds and jumping. FOUND ON BOTH SIDES.

2. Conduits-A race of small elfish looking creatures. Conduits are spies and assassins, while not physically strong, Conduits have learned to move electrons around them to send small bolts of lethal lightning, this attack cannot be used very often, even the eldest mages find it difficult to use three times in a row. The attack leaves the Conduits drained and if used too many times the Conduit's body will begin to lose nerves.

3. Drainers-A race of energy vampires. Through contact these Drainers can steal energy away from their enemies, but this leaves them open to overload. It has been noted that during a battle a Drainer attempted to drain a Conduit as it was unleashing it's lightning. Both the Drainer and Conduit perished. Also Drainers who haven't leeched any energy are very weak physically and mentally.

4. Nurses-A race of herbal healers. They are used on the field of combat to treat small wounds. Nurses come from a pacifist race and all murder and fighting. The Nurses are small and weak but can change through training. THERE ARE NO HEAL ALLS but, a Nurse has the power to bring someone back to life from the brink of death in exchange for their own lives. This does not work on the Shine and it will not put them in tip top shape. It will allow them the energy to flee or for a flimsy last stand. Nurses cannot heal paralyzed limbs. FOUND ON BOTH SIDES.

5. Sparks-A race of fire manipulators. This race is made up of sleek muscular warriors who can manipulate fire, they cannot manipulate heat, they cannot create fire. These warriors usually carry oil and matches but they can manipulate existant fire. Most of the Sparks fight with swords. Over-manipulation of fire can prove hazordous and can even be lethal in some situations.

6. Breath of Life-A race of air manipulators. These the newest warriors for Gerald, have an extreme sense of self preservation. If they feel a battle cannot be won they will refuse to fight or flee. The Breath uses mainly arrows and swords made from woodland materials. Only the most elite Breaths uses swords made of steel, the others use stone materials.

Nathan's military is known as the Xistance. The races for the Xistance are:
1. Shine- Read above.

2. Nurse-Read above.
(Now i have to be all creative and stuff)

3. Slash-A race of tall thin assassins that can blend in with their surroundings like a chemeleon, they cannot become invisible but they can change the coloring of their bodies to match praries, and high grasses. The Slash also have the ability to fire small spikes from their fingertips. The spikes are bone fragments so overuse weakens a Slash's body. Also, the spikes are coated in the blood of the Slash so each attack causes bloodloss and eventual fatigue.

4. Quakoids-A race of large burly warriors that can manipulate the ground to an extent. Much like the Conduits, prolonged use of a Quakoid's power can cause paralysis and death. Quakoids use large axes and swords to deal heavy damage.

5. The Fish-A race of fish-like Pro-Humans that can manipulate water. The more water lifted the more strain on the mind. During a past battle a Fish elder was noted to have changed the course of a river to defend his people from invasion. Directly after the feat the elder fell into a coma and two days later died. The Fish, use poison darts, which can be healed by herbal remedies, and daggers for close combat. Also each carries a small pouch filled with water to use during battle.

6. Screechers-A race of large boxy creatures that have no face. They communicate telepathically, and have a large "mouth" on their stomachs. When opened the "mouth" can create a plast of positively charged sound waves that can interfere with lightning. Screechers can only attack forwards and cannot sense anything farther that four meters away. Schreechers do not use physical attacks.

Okay now that all of the races are finished I will tell you how my orignal idea worked. This RP would use multiple threads, that would be seperate battles. There would never be two battle going on at the same time to prevent confusion.
Now before the first battle, i would like you to PM with your character idea. Only characters that have been approved by me will be able to be posted in this thread. Also, there will be multiple battles, so if your orignal character dies in combat or out of combat. I would like you to edit that character's profile and make it known that they are dead. You will be able to make new characters before every new battle or you could contiune using the one you originally created. The battles will play out like large scale sim-battles, before which you will be briefed upon who is what, and on which side. This is still very far from completion and I would love help from you all. I really like this idea and think it could be great if given the chance.
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