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10-04-23 03:33 AM
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Squire Vince

Storm Eagle
is watching you, he sees your every move.

Since: 04-17-10
From: Victorian London.

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Posted on 09-07-10 09:50 AM Link | Quote
Seeing Daniel return sparked a small glimpse of hope in Frankie. "Thank God! Food!" As he approached though he noticed the small piece of fruit in Daniel's hand. "Are you kidding me?! Useless piece of-" Frankie returned to his spot by the lake and continued sipping water hoping to drown his hunger.
True Flight

The One

Since: 08-21-04

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Posted on 09-07-10 09:58 AM Link | Quote
Wright looked at Daniel. "I'll be fine," she said. Hunger was the last thing on her mind. Screams, that's all she heard, curling screams. She was very tired and sat down beside Victoria. "What do you mean we are the first humans...." she faded out. She felt dizzy. Wright shook her head so that she could ignore her sleepiness.

Her mind stayed in two places it seemed. She couldn't smell the freshness of the lush green plants around her, instead she smelled burning flesh and blood. She put a hand on her head. "Wright! Wright! You're going to be okay Wright!" Flashed in her mind.

She looked up and found herself surrounded by mountains. Wright sharply turned her face and looked towards Victoria's direction. She was back in the forest. Sweat began to drip from down her tanned face. She put a through her black hair and looked at Ace with her brown eyes. He might know about my unit and what I did... She thought. It could put an end to this crap I'm imagining...

The one true Xeodent

Since: 01-08-10
From: Xeomerica

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Posted on 09-07-10 01:59 PM Link | Quote
Chris sighed softly and trudged over to the pool everyone was drinking from, a bit away from the rest. His hands cupped into the calm surface, ripples showering outwards as though to mark his entrance into the depths of the water.

Thirstier than he realized, Chris drank several handfuls of water. The front of his shirt was sodden, but it felt soothing.

Victoria began speaking, but the words resounded meaninglessly in his head.

Martial arts. His mother. Sister.

The smack of a bamboo sword against his ribs, and the tears that were repressed afterwards. He was never good at martial arts.

But there had to be something he could do to get off of the island.
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