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02-28-24 09:53 PM
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Posted on 07-30-10 12:56 AM Link | Quote
True Story: I opened the link in another tab, then got to the tab two hours later. I didn't even have to take the test.

Roy Koopa
Holy crap, it is the RoboCoonie!

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Posted on 02-24-19 03:19 AM Link | Quote
I take Adderall five days a week now to control my Adult ADHD, so yes, the test was accurate.

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Posted on 09-05-20 11:18 AM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Phoenixocracy
See, I never have problems while writing. I love writing. I can sit here and write a huge post, only realizing how long it is once I post it. For me, I get distracted easily with things that either do not challenge me or do not concern me. And waiting. I hate waiting.

Needless to say, things that do not challenge/concern me happen every day--and I don't pay attention. Sure, if something interesting happens in a conversation or situation, I'm all ears and can recite the exact words spoken days later (almost literally). Meh. I think I just have selective hearing/attention. Maybe not ADD/ADHD.

That basically is ADD, though. It's one of the main 'symptoms' as they like to put it as (though it's really more like 'traits' or something, as it's a personality thing, not an illness), only really feeling motivated with stuff that concerns some particular fixative interest of the individual.

I also have a habit of overwriting, and then missing out important details, resulting in me editing a post maybe seven or more times before it's finished. You're certainly not alone there, it loses me too. Same thing happened in my GCSE English exam back in 2018.

A lot of other traits include hypersexual tendencies, lack of boundaries (more due being unable to control oneself in a quick situation socially, not because of intentionally being an arsehole), laziness and procrastination (at least how others see it, for me it's more 'I go to do something and then can't be arsed, going back to whatever I was doing'), a rather reflective undertone when it comes to humour, split personality/tendency to drift opinions based on the current situation... I could go on and on. Obviously not everything here is absolute in every situation and can overlap with other stuff, hence why it's so misunderstood

I was diagnosed years ago, about the age of 8 (so about 2007). Add high-functioning autism, and try to live with it. :V

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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Do you have Adult ADHD? |

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