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12-02-23 09:47 AM
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Posted on 09-28-10 11:20 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by ""
ho·li·er-than-thou   [hoh-lee-er-thuhn-thou] Show IPA
obnoxiously pious; sanctimonious; self-righteous.
a person who is obnoxiously pious or self-righteous.

Originally posted by Xeios
We all used to God-Mod

Doesn't sound self-righteous to me. And I couldn't care less about one person's happiness over the other. I proved my point, and spoke with Kaijin through PMs about my intentions and reasons for bringing up old posts.

I responded to a hostile post from Kaijin with hostility, when he responded with more hostility, I turned the other cheek.
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Posted on 09-29-10 12:12 AM Link | Quote
Alright, I think taht that's enough of that topic. I talked to True, and she said she was going to delete her post, so that the conflict would be completely over, but apparently she never got around to it.

That means I'm in moderator mode, which I think we all know is rare when I'm actually posting, instead of PMing or IMing.

So, I'll just say that this thread has gotten a little heated on both (all three) sides, and that I'm sure nobody here actually harbors bad feelings towards anyone else, and that if they did act in a way that seemed overly aggressive or hostile, then it was not intentional, or was only done in the heat of the moment, not to be repeated.

The above paragraph was just one really long sentence.

And yeah, from what I've heard, Xeios and Kaijin are resolving their difficulties via PM. Let's keep things happy, people.

So, less arguing about arguing and more productive discussion on improvements for the rules.

And for the record, Cairoi did none of this "holier than thou" stuff, xD. He's only posted one line sicne Kaijin even came in, and that was a reply directed towards me.
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - New Sim-Battle Rules in Effect |

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