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03-09-21 05:56 AM
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True Flight

The One

Since: 08-21-04

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Posted on 06-13-10 04:15 PM Link | Quote
I want to do some different characters and what not. I was wondering if any one wanted to see something like this come back but with a different story line altogether.

The one true Xeodent

Since: 01-08-10
From: Xeomerica

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Posted on 06-13-10 04:16 PM Link | Quote
I have no idea what it is, but hey, i'd love to RP

Dark Wizard
\"She said tonight...come on come on collide...see what I fire feels like..I bet its just like heaven.\"

Since: 08-15-04
From: Philadelphia, P.A.

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Posted on 06-13-10 04:58 PM Link | Quote
Innocence Gone...refresh my memory? I might be retarded or something, but I can't find the original thread for it.
True Flight

The One

Since: 08-21-04

Since last post: 1548 days
Last activity: 1533 days
Posted on 06-13-10 05:12 PM Link | Quote
It's in the Hall of Fame. I wanted to do something different I just need to get Cairoi back. =P Jack's a very important character and he's going to have a huge role in this one. It's going to be the fact that he went back in time to when Keira wasn't even aware of who she. How she started the entire group up. You'll probably want to play a new character.

I really wanted to get to how the Witches' Trough was started and how 369 was started as well. That's what I wanted to do. How everything came together and how Jack had to leave again.

This is an rpg about the battle of many races of new mutant like people against the government, then in the smaller parts of the story line are the wars between the many races of humans/mutants. Each character has a story whether it has nothing to do with righting the wrongs of the government's experimental use of the races or if it has all to do with it. The characters can have revenge on or angst against the many races of the world. The characters can even have all of the will power to unite the mutant like people to go against the government. This is what this rpg is about.

The year is 2232 meaning the last incident to go down in history was the Ullric Aren Incident. During the many wars between the werewolves and the vampires the government has been going behind even the human's back to develop the chimera being. A being composed of each blood. This forbidden one will grant world domination to the government. The groups called 369 and the Witches Trough have been blindly going into this government foundation and destroying all of their research just for revenge for themselves or their loved ones. The still have no clue what the government is planning. The Witches Trough now wants the Ullric and Aren houses on their side to find this out. Will they gain union? Or will they gain death?


Witches/Wiccans: These humans have the power to control the elements. They consider this power or magical gift a gift from the gods. There are three types of witches or wiccans.

Type 1: This wiccan has the offensive powers over the elements. Using the elements to attack and destroy with this wiccan can be very fast, but not powerful.
Type 2: This wiccan has the defensive powers over the elements. Using the elements to block attacks and help this wiccan's fellow companions. This wiccan can be very powerful but very slow.
Type 3: This wiccan is the governments experiment. EXTREMELY powerful and EXTREMELY fast. The magic that they use is very weak though.

NOTE: the witches and wiccans made by the government are taken from their homes. PLUS the goverment is coming up with a better witch each experiment.

Werewolves: These are mutated humans from the past. It has come to the human races attention that these mutants were underground. The werewolves fight with the vampires over land. The fight has been long in history. There are three types of werewolves.

Type 1: This werewolf is the most common. It is the follower of his or her tribe of wolves and has common sense. If human blood reaches the internal systems in the body the werewolf will become insane. There is no helping if this wolf goes insane the only thing left to do is kill him or her.

Type 2: This werewolf is the alpha male of female of the tribe. This type is EXTREMELY intelligent and has an EXTREME amount of common sense. This type of werewolf can't go insane but has a variety of skills. (The chooser of this character will have to choose Speed, Balanced, or Power type of the character.)

Type 3: This werewolf is an experimental wolf from the government. Using the power of electroshocking with a collar this werewolf is under the command. These wolves are EXTREMELY powerful and smart. The only way to take them out is to hinder their sense of smell.

NOTE: All werewolves have an very good sense of smell, taste, and hearing. Meaning if a person takes the cap off a permanent marker the wolf will pretty much faint or get very dizzy. That's the weak point. The government does the same for the experimental wolves.

Vampires: This race of mutated humans have been in history about as long as the werewolves have. The humans haven't discovered them until just as the werwolves were discovered in the underground war. They live off of human or animal blood and they are very intelligent. They use magic as well, but most cannot see the day of light with out sunglasses. There are three types of vampires.

Type 1: This vampire isn't born a vampire. This type of vampire was bitten and made into one. They are known to be their maker's slaves and follow them even after death(if vampires can really die). This type of vampire is known to be very dimwitted and sometimes insane. (These are most likely to be the choser's NPC's he/she will have to get rid of them as soon as they have prooven all of their worth...)

Type 2: This vampire is born into a family as a vampire. They are very intelligent and they are very strong. This type of vampire shows all of the signs of being a vampire. A weakness to things like light and that's about it. Crosses don't affect these types because most of them are part human. They drink the blood of humans or animals. Considering the outlook on life the character has.

Type 3: The government has been hiding this type of vampire for the longest time. It goes to show that it sucks all of the life out of you not only by plasma but also by the life force of otherse as well. Victims that aren't fully hit by these types of vampires get depressed and wind up killing themselves.

Humans: Humans depend on machines to defend themselves. They are either in support of the vampires, wiccans, werewolves, or the government. They tend to be very fragile and they can help each race or foundation out a lot(ex: doctors). Some of them are very intelligent. They can be useful as well.


Government: A foundation bent on discovering how to make a chimera type of human(A human with all of the powers of vampires, werewolves, and wiccans). Making this type of human will help them gather even more data, and begin a sort of dictatorship over the world.

369: A group of witches, humans, werewolves, and vampires that help end the government's treacherous attempts to take over the world. These races gathered together despite they're differences just to right the governments wrongs. Most of the people here are victims or kin to victims taken away by the government.

Witches Trough: This group of witches and humans are researching the help 369 destroy the government. Just through the power of research they have gotten as far as they could and that is very far. They even notify 369 of the many missions they need to go on.

Ullric House: A family of werewolves warring with the Aren house. They are mainly type 1 and type 2 werewolves that are very skilled in battling.

Aren House: A family of vampires warring with the Ullric house. They are mainly type 1 and type 2. Most of them are type 2. This group of vampires are very skilled in the art of weaponry and magic.

The reason I have put up these incidents are to help make sense in the rpg.

The Mutant/Human Scare: On the night of Christmas 2116 about a third of each race was kidnapped (the government had no clue of vampires, wiccans, werewolves, or vampires this incident.) from every home. The qualifications were these:

* Under the age of 13

* Of any race possible

* Healthy

* Excersised often

Leading the discovery of the werewolves and vampires. The two races fought against each other with out realizing the pain that was about to begin.

The Witches Revolt: This was the discovery of the witches. The humans then despised each one of them leading to the ignorant tossing of a rock. Causing a witch to go insane and kill a multitude of humans on the New Year of 2217. Many witches followed this one's example and went out of hiding. Humans still rejected the witches until the year 2220. Thus making the humans split.

The Ullric Aren Incident: This was the underground battle that the humans discovered the war that the vampires and werewolves in. This incident happened on Valentines of 2222. Out of all of the battles this was the bloodiest leading to an unknown win and a killing of werewolves, vampires, and for the first time, humans.

Now for the character form at last! Sorry for the wordiness:

Age: (This is here to make sense of the incidents.)

If you have any NPC's of any type please note them. But Type 1 vampires must be rid of after they have worn out their use or... if your character is one then don't worry. XD

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Since: 08-16-04

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Posted on 06-15-10 01:46 PM Link | Quote
I think I speak for all when I give a resounding, "meh."

Innocence Gone was a plot-hole filled direction-less RP that was kept alive by several dedicated posters willing to bullshit amongst themselves for months. It was by no stretch of the imagination great, and there was really very little that could even be considered good writing within it.

If you want to redo it, use the universe, but get rid of all of the characters, plot points, and mythology surrounding it. In order to revamp an old RP, you simply must borrow the theme, and create a plot with a concise ending that could be achieved within a reasonable amount of time. If the RP works out well, then there are opportunities for sequels. Gone are the days of RPing one continuous storyline in a single thread, multiple threads with multiple possible entry points for new RPers is where it's at.

P.S. That's right, I posted, what of it.
True Flight

The One

Since: 08-21-04

Since last post: 1548 days
Last activity: 1533 days
Posted on 06-15-10 06:32 PM Link | Quote
Alright time to work on something else. I've been rough drafting like crazy. =P Anyway I thought of Skydrivers. I thought it would WORK. And only one person was in. *sigh*
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