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12-03-22 08:40 PM
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Posted on 06-01-10 04:58 AM Link | Quote
All right, let's open the can of worms.

What are your thoughts on Arizona's approach to illegal immigration?

If officers have just cause to ask for your citizenship documents, you have to provide them or explain that you can have them brought from home, etc.

Some people are saying this is a violation of rights, that it's xenophobic, and that it's trampling on the framework of the U.S. Constitution. While comparing the government to Nazi Germany, many boycott Arizona's sport teams and products (despite them being made or owned by companies in New York).

Others say it's a proactive approach to dealing with people who are in this country illegally and argue that it's a state's right to make such a law.

What are your thoughts?

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Posted on 06-01-10 09:11 AM Link | Quote
Illegal immigration is something I wish I knew more about, but I guess even if I'm basing a thought or opinion on some false fact, I can be corrected, or someone can refute. So thats learning, right? :p

In any case...I'm on the fence about illegal immigration. One part of me thinks the states individually should be able to handle illegal immigration, because it effects some states directly more than others. But on the other hand, I also think that the national government should handle this jurisdiction. Why? Because so what if it happens in certain area moreso than others....they're still part of this country, and those areas deserve national protection.

It's a bit off topic, but it's why I feel the way I do about illegal immigration, but I don't know what I think of where this country is headed. I am most definitely a patriot. This is my home and I love it dearly. Luckily, I still thus far, have the freedom of speech, and I will not use it to slander my country for the sake of slander. If I have something negative to say, I say it in the hopes of being heard and doing something positive for this country. (Not being like GreenDay, being angsty about the country, and then performing "American Idiot" in GERMANY. Like THAT'S freaking helping. They're public figures, and they're bitching just because it's the popular thing to do now. If you're not happy with the way things are run here, and you have at least SOME sort of public power, then stay the hell HOME and get shit done! Don't bitch about us to other countries.)

Anywho....this country, to me, seems to be full of "wanters", unwilling to make sacrifices. They think they should just get, just because they're an American citizen. The WORLD, unfortunately doesn't work that way. Life seems like it's about constant exchange. You give a little to get a little. But no, people in this country want the right to have ALL the protection in the world, AND the right to do and say as they please. But I don't think the government is helping either. Instead of making out something like seizing proof of citizenship off of anyone, at any time, they make it look like they're just barging in and abusing you. Unfortunately, things are what they are. Whether it's looked upon as good or bad, you're still being told to hand over proof of citizenship. And, despite it being looked down upon, it still can happen, and you still must comply, or consequences will be had. Do I think it's right? As is? HELL NO!!! But do I think that for the general protection of this country and it's people, that some rights are going to end up being infringed upon? Yes. I think that's a necessary evil. But we ALL live with necessary evils anyway!!! I need to make money. So, I live with getting up and going to work. There are days I love my job, and others in which I don't feel like going, but I still do so anyway. I know it's something TOTALLY different, but the same principle is there.

I don't know if this is just a phase or what, but I'm willing to give things up in order to have a better life. Hell, we expect soldiers to do it outside of our country, in dangerous, lonely situations. Why can't we do it every once in a while.

I know most of this is off topic, but it's these kind of sentiments that prevent me from having a solid opinion of an issue like this. Technically, because of questioning my general sentiments, I have a VERY difficult time forming a solid opinion on ANYTHING in this country, so I gotta address them too, I guess. I don't think Arizona should be on their own handling this illegal immigrant situation. I think, instead, the country should make the immigration process better. Integrate more programs to teach about the country, how things work, the county's history, and how to speak English, how to go about making the transition to life here in the US. I know I know...these things cost time and money...but...I can't go downtown on a nice day without being harassed about saving the wolves, or polar bears, or trees, or ALL sorts of things! Technically none of it's useless, we are all one big ecosystem, but...c'mon. There is a way to do something else, and not add further harm to the wolves in the time being.

This is long, and I went all over....but I'm in the mood to hear whether my sentiments are agreeable, or disagreeable, and why. People are from all over the country on this board, and things are vastly different all over even our own country. Because, it's not always the question of whether or not the issue on hand is right or wrong. Other things need to be considered first, and while they seem unimportant, they can very well, deeply effect the outlook on a specific situation like this one.
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Arizona's stance on immigration |

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