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03-24-23 12:42 PM
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**EDIT: He's alot different. I need to work on editing this, but I'm fighting True with him now. As you can see, none of this stuff is mentioned, besides the underworld.

EDIT2: Actually, he is gone. I disliked how he was written, so his new form is here.

Name: Alastor

Age: Changes. But when left the Underworld, 26, currently 31

Race: Spirit of a human

Sex: Male

Backstory: Alastor was a warrior from ancient Greece. Known as one of the best swordsman of his city, he was also the worst to trifle with. Alastor grew up an orphan, his mother a whore runaway and his father killed for counts of murder. Growing up, he was picked on by many because he had no parents, and because of his father's history. He learnt how to defend himself with his fists, until the bullies started using sticks. Even then, he was a formiddable oppenent, and it became a game to see who could make him bleed first. The bullying stopped shorty thereafter. Alastor grew stronger and angrier, resenting everyone. After one night of being brutally beaten, he went into the forest and picked a strong stick for himself to use. He spent most of the night carving it until it was straight as a pole, with a with a small point fashioned on the end for stabbing. He spent the remainder of the night learning how to use it, and went back to his alleyway sleepless. When the bullies arrived, they found Alastor sitting cross legged with his stick lain across his legs. They jested at him, daring him to get up and 'show them what he had'. He simply stood, stick in hand, and waited. The kid with the biggest mouth started walking forward first. He held his stick loosely as he bad mouthed Alastor. When he took a swing at him, Alastor quickly parried, and stuck the boy in the throat with his fist. The boy fell to the ground choking, and the others stopped laughing. They charged him all at once, thinking they could outnumber him, but Alastor was too quick. He quickly disarmed them and beat them to the ground using both his fists and his stick. Alastor then grew up. Throughout the years, he practiced his odd style of fighting in alleyways or on unsuspecting victims. He robbed, but soon found that he disliked common theivery. Instead, he got a job working in the forges. It boosted his strength, and allowed him to make swords of his own. He soon fashioned a long metal pole, just like the first stick he used, and gave it a simple hilt and disc-like handguard. Then, he took all of his free time to heat and press wood until it was almost as solid as steel, and carved out another pole to slide over the first. He used this reinforced weapon for the rest of his life, dubbing it 'Krios'. Alastor then went out for a tournament, more for the violence than anything. He won, beating the original champion, Natham, and stripping him of his title. Natham, angry with his defeat, hired an assassin to murder Alastor in his sleep. The next day, Natham found a red-sodden bag in his back garden. Thrilled, he opened the bag and held aloft a head. His cheer caught in his throat as he saw the bloodied face of the assassin staring back at him. Angered, the former Cahmpion thought of a way to kill Alastor and reclaim his title. Coming up with an idea, he ran into the streets with the head and framed Alastor himself for the murder. Not knowing the dead man was an assassin, the guards quickly found Alastor and demanded his surrender. Alastor laughed and challenged the guards. He slew fifteen without a scratch on him before pouring burning oil on him from above.

Alastor died and went to the Underworld, with Hades mildly impressed. Over the centuries, Hades would have his undead soldiers fight Alastor, during which he grew very fond of him. Hades then proposed a deal with Alastor. He would allow him to go back to the surface, free, if he could make his way to the river Styx while all of Hades' army stood between it and him. Alastor agreed, much to Hades' like. It was a trick, of course, for The army of the Underworld would never die. They would simply come back. But AAlastor fought anyway. For an entire century, the man pushed his way towards the river, not letting anything stand in his way. Eventually he made it, weakened and nearly dying again. Hades simply smiled, and healed him, also granting him other powers of the Underworld.

Appearance: Alastor wears his shoulder length hair in a ponytail, not wanting it to get in his way while fighting. He was dressed in a black t-shirt, jacket and jeans, loose enough for flexiblilty but tight enough to stay out of his way. His skin is a ghostly white, and his eyes blaze a deep grey. Alastor is moderately strong, but very fast.

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Hair color: Black

1) A sword-like pole made of tempered wood and as strong as steel, with a smaller steel pole inside for reinforcement. The pole is all black, with a disc-like hilt. At the end, the pole comes to a sharp point.

2)On his left hand, Alastor wears a punching dagger, flitting in and out of battle with it while still wielding his sword.

Powers: Alastor was given the Fire of the Underworld from Hades. He can summon it in either hand, and it only stops burning when Alastor wills it. He can fling the fire and use it as a projectile, in which case the fire will go out once it hits something (unless the object is flammable. It becomes normal fire once it leaves Alastors hands). If Alastor touches someone with the fire, it burns away their soul instead of their flesh, depleting their stregnth with no physical harm done. He can also spread the fire through anything he os holding, such as his sword or another weapon. Using the fire in non projectile form weakens Alastor, as it drains his stength as well, although it will not kill him. Alastor was also cursed by Hades, as Hades would never let anyone just walk out of the Underworld. Alastor does not age normally, but for every human he kills, he becomes one year older. Alastor is currently 31, for he has killed five since leaving the Underworld.

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