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06-02-23 10:58 PM
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Posted on 05-27-10 11:02 PM Link | Quote
Name: Sheenka

Deity: Hextemptol (Aztec Sun God, associated with the sun, summer harvest or corn and maize, and death.)

Age: He doesn't bother to count years because it makes him feel old. Was born around the time of the construction of the Pyrimids in Giza, Egypt.

Race: Chaos Child - 4th Child of the God of Chaos

Father: Chaos (God of Chaos. Duh.)
Mother: Itzpapalotl, Aztec demi-goddess, queen of night/star demons and daughter of Huitzilopochtli, God of war, the sun, and patron of Tenochtitlan.
Siblings: The other Chaos Children and (though he doesn't really consider them related) the Children of the Goddess Law are his half-siblings, too.

Sex: Male

Eye color: Yellow
Hair color/style: Black/long, hanging loose to lower back. Two braided strands on right side on bangs. Messily-cut long bangs parted to the side.
Height: 6'8"
Physical build: tall, lanky, but muscled. Feet similar to a raptor's, with talon-like features and a sickle claw on both inner toes. Hands and fingers slightly resemble talons and fingernails are narrow 3" claws. Ears point to the side and back at shallow angles and are roughly 6" long. Each ear is tipped with a black spike-like horn that the upper cartilage of the ear is attached to, though the horn continues past the ear, growing about 7" long. Another set of 8" spike horns grows from the sides of the skull, just above the ears and angles slightly back. A third Set of black spike horns, 9" long, grows slightly closer to the crown of the head and also angles back. A final set of spike horns grows 10" long, nearest the top of the head (about 2" apart) and also angles back. The slender horns form what loosely resembles a spiky black crown emerging from the same dark shade of his hair. 6" long tail covered in thick whips of black fur with irregular spots of multi-colored feather growing along with the fur.

Tattooing: Intricate black Jaguar spot design tattooed down the vertebrae of his spine. Red spiderweb design on eyelids (looks like red eyeshadow.) Thick black outline under eyes, that goes past the tear-ducts and down the sides of the nose, stopping just before the curve of the nostrils. Three small black circles starting at the inner edge of each eyebrow and going in progressively smaller in size (large, medium, small) to the arch of each brow. Single black line from hairline to tip of nose that bisects his face. Squared-edge spirals on each cheek, starting at the ear and following the jawline half-way to the chin, then angling upwards, peaking at the cheekbone and spiraling counter-clockwise over the lower cheek. Three thick black bands around both lower arms starting at the wrist and ending just before the elbow. Three similar black bands around ankles, ending mid-calf. Mayan art style tattoo of the Quetzalcoatl on his lower back. (Tramp-stamp? Yup.)

Piercings: Three serpentine stone studs pierced through the bridge of his nose, starting between the eyes and ascending along the tattoo lines to just above the nostrils. Left ear is pierced with three studs and three rings, each made from various stone or carved from kapok tree bark. Right ear pierced and laced industrial-style from tip just before earlobe with strands of jasmine vine. Both earlobes gauged about a size 0000 (about 1/2" hole size) and held with bronze gauge rings.

Jewelry: Simple bronze ring on his right finger. Necklace made of various stone and wooden beads with a small bird's skull as a central pendant hanging over his collarbone. A Gris-Gris braided from golden thread and human hair, decorated with small tied-in bones and feathers. (The Gris-Gris sometimes acts as a channel for sacrificed souls and aids in Necromancy. It demands a blood sacrifice be fed to it in order for it to channel or aid in any way.)

Backstory: Born as the 4th son of the Chaos God and an Aztec demi-goddess, Sheenka (known by the citizens of the sacred city of Tenochtitlan as their deity, Hextemptol) was exiled from the rankings of the Chaos family because his mother was not the Goddess Law and thus his existence was unbalanced and he posed a threat to his younger siblings, who had Law's blood as well as their father, Chaos's. Sheenka left the realm of Chaos and his siblings behind and accepted exile shortly after his younger brother, Xeden (who had a human mother) was also exiled. He spent years exploring and searching for his brother, and in so doing met his mother (whom he hadn't previously known) when she was first being worshiped as the Night Queen by the early Omlec peoples. It was his mother that began to teach him about his heritage and the Mexica Pantheon he was descended from. She is also the one responsible for first teaching him the basics of Necromancy. After the sudden death of his mother at the hands of his older brother, Sayn (the first Chaos Child) Sheenka left the mountainous southern region and made a new home in the rain forests along the banks of the Amazon River. With the fall of the Incan Empire, Sheenka again moved norh, away from the dying villages. Soon after, the Aztec Empire began to take form around a large lake upon which a sacred city was constructed on thousands of woven mats of floating reeds. With the rise of the city, Tenochtitlan, Sheenka became known as one of the city's protective deities and was regularly offered human sacrifice. Vain and greatly appeased by blood, Sheenka grew instantly fond of eating human hearts. Because cannibalism was a daily occurrence and had been since the Omlec people's reign, accompanied by the massive number of people sacrificed in his mane, Sheenka became fery fond of the taste of blood and human flesh. But most of all, he was amazed at the concept of death. With all the corpses let to him, he quickly gained more and more experience building off of his mother's teachings of Necromancy. By the time the Aztec Empire expanded far into the North American desert, Sheenka had mastered several forms of Necromancy and preferred the mindless corpse dolls he kept to any living company. It wasn't until the first of the Spanish Conquistadors came to the continent that Sheenka was pulled away from his newly acquired hobby. Upon the arrival of Cortez and his troops on the outskirts of Tenochtitlan, a young Aztec priestess named Mtolta came and begged Sheenka for his aide. Sheenka was amused enough to help and conjured a deadly fever to strike the invading Spanish troops. To his delight, this provided many more corpses for his amusement. With the Spanish momentarily halted, Mtolta went to Sheenka and asked him to marry her and together create a new empire on the backs of their would-be invaders. Intrigued, Sheenka entertained the idea or a short while before growing bored of Mtolta. Another priestess, Xlrn, had been wanting for years to prove her dedication to her lord, and finally decided her chance was at hand. While Sheenka was amusing himself once more by biting at Mtolta, Xlrn grabbed the other priestess by her hair and dragged an obsidian dagger across her throat until she'd jaggedly decapitated the other woman. Ecstatic after watching Xlrn's presentation, Sheenka instantly proclaimed her his lover. At Xlrn's request, they moved away from the city and north into the American desert. They spent years amusing themselves at the expense of local tribes, until word of the Spanish occupation of Tenochtitlan reached the area. Furious that the Spanish had destroyed the city, Sheenka rushed back to his old home. There he was met by Syn, the same brother that had killed his mother. Sayn had led the Spanish troops out of the forest in which they had been lost and to the gates of the city, even using his inhuman charm to persuade Montezuma, the city's ruler, to allow the Spanish inside. With Tenochtitlan destroyed and most of the Aztec people dead or enslaved, Sheenka was surprised when Syn mentioned his reason for helping the Spanish was to draw Sheenka to him. Sayn informed Sheenka that he knew the whereabouts of his long-lost little brother, Xeden, but refused to disclose them unless Sheenka agree to become his lover. Sheenka, still desperate to be reunited with Xeden even after so many years, reluctantly agreed and abandon Xlrn to the ruins of Tenochtitlan while he joined Sayn and traveled back to the Old World across the sea. After being at Sayn's side for a decade, Sheenka had become find of him and had begun to give up on finding Xeden again. After traveling with Sayn through the remote villages of Transylvania, rumor of someone whose description was eerily like Xeden's caught Sheenka's interest. He abandon Sayn and his false promises to once again look for his brother. Finally, after nearly year of searching, Sheenka literally ran into Xeden in a small Romanian village as his brother was jokingly fleeing from a girl he'd teased. Upon being reunited with his brother at last, Sheenka set out to rebuild the city of Tenochtitlan, bringing Xeden with him. After returning to the former Aztec capital city, Sheenka suffered a harsh reunion with Xlrn who ad, in hopes of one day being reunited with her love, used what she'd remembered of Sheenka's Necromancy to try to make herself immortal. instead, she'd killed herself and trapped her own soul in her body, even after death, thus animating her rotting corpse. Seeing that she'd suffered for long years waiting with feeble hopes to see him again, Sheenka found a rare streak of mercy and used the amplifying powers of the Gris-Gris, fed by his own blood, to renew her body and convert her into a vampiric ghoul. Relinquishing his control of her, Xlrn was able to go back to being somewhat normal, since her soul was trapped in her body, offering regenerative capabilities so that she didn't age or start to rot. After staying with Sheenka and Xlrn in Tenochtitlan, Xeden revealed to Sheenka that Sayn was the one who had been hunting him with a promise to kill him. Sheenka remembered Sayn's deep hatred for humans and recalled that Xeden's mother had been a human peasant woman. Sayn, being the proud First Son of Chaos had promised Xeden he'd delight in killing him in order to wipe his mother's human blood from the family tree. Upon realizing that Sayn had not only tricked him, but had nearly killed his beloved younger brother and left several scars to prove so, Sheenka was enraged and swore that he'd kill Sayn himself.

-Has a massive number of 6" poison-tipped needles that are easily concealed in both his clothing and his hair, where they can be laced through braids or knotted loosely under layers of hair.
-When fighting, he makes use of the claws on both his hands and his feet, especially his raptor-like sickle claws.
-His tail with the long wisps of hair and feathers is slender and can be whipped to the sides fast enough that the long trails of hair at the tip act like a whip.
-Because he's a direct descendant of two very powerful gods, he's strong enough to bench-press a truck, though brute force isn't usually his style.
-Very familiar with how a person's body works (probably from all the years of eating them.) He can use his nails to hit several pressure points, if he's able to get close enough.
-Necromancy. He can easily animate a few hundred corpses, though that also depends on how old the bodies are. He cannot fully animate and control a body until three days after death. His Necromancy also works with non-human and animal creatures, though with deity-level creatures, it's sometimes hard to control the subject, even after they're long dead.
-Can change into a feathered black Jaguar Chimera creature, but can only hold the form for about three hours at a time.
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