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02-21-24 06:05 AM
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True Flight

The One

Since: 08-21-04

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Posted on 09-23-09 02:55 AM Link | Quote
Welcome all you blessed by Gaia. Welcome to Azulia. The beautiful town in the sky. Supported by columns made of the most indestructible materials. The town that stays above the Barren Grounds. There are towns like this all over world. Azulia happens to be the biggest, where all political figures stand... erm float. Yes you have been blessed by Gaia the ability to float or fly or "skydrive". As a floater, machinist, or skydriver you can bring life back the Barren Grounds or you can find a way to make your wishes come true. How? All through two of the Old Blood. That's right, there are two grounded people who can't fly. One is captured by the GOVERNMENT and the other is in hiding trying to find her way up to the city of Azulia. She is hiding in ruins of Neo Venencia. The city that was flooded with water now is dried up and abandoned. If you find her and take her with her sibling you may just find out why Gaia favors these two grounded people.

NOW that brings us to the classes of people.

Old Blood aka Grounded: There are just two of these people. These are normal humans who can just walk. Many people who were followers of Gaia asked time and time again for the gift of flight. How ever when the people gained the blood of flight Liliana(goddess of darkness) and Gaia(goddess of light) both played with the heritage and finally gained their chosen two.

Floaters: Erin Alegrin gave birth to Alister. The first floater. Floaters are basically what you think they are. All they do is float slowly. In fact they walk faster than how they float. However they prefer to float over walking when they are in a hurry. Well most do.

Machinists: Some floaters found out that they can channel their abilities into tools. The first machinists started out using machines to fly with. Now the machinist use mainly motorcycles to fly around. The lighter they are the higher class they become. How ever when they start using 2 or less machines in their tools they become "Skydrivers".

Skydrivers: The reason why Azulia is the way it is. Skydrivers are the fastest and the most gifted flyers ever. Skydrivers use 2 or no machines in their tools. They are Class B with 2 machines and Class A with one machine. The most gifted and fastest Skydrivers are Class S. This class of skydriver does not need machines in their tool to fly with. However the rise of Skydrivers has become a problem. The GOVERNMENT started the rule of licensing Skydrivers. Thus created the factions.

The GOVERNMENT: Broken down into 2 groups.
Politics: The president who is actually a dictator who wants to get his hands on both grounded. He wants them to grant his wish of destroying the freedom of Skydriving.

Military: Mostly machinist. How ever there are some licensed skydrivers. They hold the tests to licensing the skydrivers. This group is also known to arresting the unlicensed skydrivers as well.

The Underground:
This group is really a bunch of skydrivers who are unlicensed. They believe that they don't need a license just to do stunts in the sky. They believe that they have been gifted the ability to use their tool with few to no machines and it should not bee a reason that they need to be licensed. So they keep they're base on the Barren Grounds in Neo Venencia.

Agents of Gaia:
Mostly cat people(DEMI), they are looking for the Grounded. They are from all classes except the old blood. They believe that the Grounded have the ability to bring hope back to their Barren Grounds and they can be restored back to their original forms.

Agents of Liliana:
Mostly wolf people(DEMI), they are looking for the Grounded as well. They believe that Liliana wants to punish the flyers for ever stopping they're beliefs. It seemed that they all stopped believing after Gaia gave her people what they wanted.


I have your character Sheet:

Flying Tool: (Can be broom, board, skates, motorcycles)

I lay claim on a grounded. I need someone else to play the other one.

(Last edited by True Flight on 09-23-09 03:06 AM)

Dark Wizard
\"She said tonight...come on come on collide...see what I fire feels like..I bet its just like heaven.\"

Since: 08-15-04
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Posted on 09-24-09 09:07 PM Link | Quote
I'll play a grounded...which one are you playing?
True Flight

The One

Since: 08-21-04

Since last post: 2627 days
Last activity: 2612 days
Posted on 09-27-09 12:56 AM Link | Quote
I wanted to play the one that was going to rescue. But you would make it faaar more interesting =P so I'll play an unlicensed class S skydriver. ANYWHO I need more people to join.
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