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02-28-24 11:32 PM
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The Accidental Protege

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Posted on 08-29-09 08:31 PM Link | Quote
Names: Ragnhild and Solveig
Gender: Female, both
Age: Unknown
Race: Valkyrie

Appearance: Both Ragnhild and Solveig are roughly 12 feet in height, their skin very pale, adorned in white, cloth armor, steel vambraces, and iron helmets that shield their skulls and everything above their noses. Ragnhild's majestic wings are of purest white, glowing and glorious, while Solveig's wings are blacker than night.

History: Still working on that.

Abilities: Ragnhild and Solveig's life force is joined together. If one dies, so will the other. Ragnhild attacks with bolts of holy magic and protective shields, while Solveig attacks with bursts of dark energy and area of effect attacks. If one of the twins is in danger, Solveig or Ragnhild will shield herself, as she channels a spell to heal her twin; however, the shield can't withstand every attack, and the spell takes up to 30 seconds to successfully channel

Ragnhild and Solveig will open Light and Dark portals which channel their energy, however, anyone can tap into them to get instantly powered up with Light or Dark auras, and can change their aura by touching a portal at any time. The light aura will increase damage done to Solveig, but be absorbed by Ragnhild, and the dark aura will increase damage done to Ragnhild, but be absorbed by Solveig. The same happens for whoever touches the portals; if that person is affected by a Dark Aura, Solveig's damage to that person is reduced, but Ragnhild's increased, and vice versa.

If things get too dicey, Ragnhild or Solveig will channel a spell of enormous power, and decimate all in its wake. If Ragnhild, the Light valkyrie casts this spell, anyone with a Light aura will absorb it, and it will do no damage. If Solveig, the Dark valkyrie casts it, anyone with a dark aura will absorb it, as well.
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Xeogaming Forums - Character Profiles - Ragnhild Lightweaver and Solveig Darkweaver |

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