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06-30-22 04:09 PM
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Posted on 06-20-09 06:17 PM Link | Quote
Figured I would show off a little project I'm working on over the three months I have free before heading off to university.

A while back, I had the idea to produce a series of maps for Team Fortress 2, each one themed around one of the characters. For my first map, it is one set in a dark, dank, dirty, other descriptive word beginning with D hospital called CP_Medic, obviously themed around the Medic.

While not much has been done so far, the basic layout of the map has been finished. It is a simple three point control point map, with Blu team attempting to take over the hospital which red team must defend. I would post screenshots, but the game decides to save the screenshots in "tga" format which I'm unable to view or post on Photo Bucket...

Whatever, instead, I'll just list what I have planned for each character.

Scout - Capture the flag match over skyscrapers, connected with thin platforms for the other classes to get around.
Soldier - Three control point map, over two long trenches and a no man's land in the middle, a single, open area with trees players can use to hide in.
Pyro - Lots of tight corridors with a few open areas around the control points.
Demoman - BLU must attack RED's demolition business building to prevent them from being able to perform demolition services on structures BLU possibly helped construct. Red base is defended with swinging demolition balls and saws which cause instant death on contact.
Heavy Weapons Guy - Brightly lit, colourful land of kittens, love, and gun. Arena mode.
Engineer - A single control point defended from a spawn point by RED above it, while BLU can spawn in four different spawn rooms around the point.
Sniper - A control point map based in a tower, a long winding path for BLU to attack RED in to reach the tower before they work their way up to the top.
Spy - A hall of mirrors filled with pits and damage traps. This isn't set in stone however, since I'll have to figure out what to do about people using older computers, and therefore can't do reflections.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, and I'll try to post some screenshots soon.

Ball and Chain Trooper

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Posted on 06-22-09 12:01 AM Link | Quote
Awaiting the screenshots.
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