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03-21-23 07:12 AM
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Kaijin Surohm
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Posted on 04-12-09 01:08 AM Link | Quote
Shortly after the game, the infamous world we all know and love shall continue from the efforts that were done. Originally, this was just going to be a fanfic I'd type up, but Kate is forcing me into this.

Keep that in mind =P

Now, to avoid the flaws that most Game/Anime related RPs flow through, your more then welcome to choose two different paths for the character creation. Either pick an existing character that's in the game, or make one up. Already, Squall and Rinoa are taken, but as it stands, the rest of the cast and crew are open.

And as I just said, yer open to make yer own.

I'm playing with a few ways to start this up, though I'd like some other inputs to start. For example, I'm leaning toward the world still being monster infested by the events of Lunatic Pandor, and the Lunar City monster swarm, and Balamb Garden, the only mobile fortress, is used as a Mercinary force to help fight back. (I do plan on continuing my Fanfic of this, since this RP wont' even be remotely like my story idea, ahaha.)
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim/RP-Discussion - Final Fantasy 8: The Aftermath |

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