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03-30-23 01:14 AM
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Kaijin Surohm
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Posted on 04-05-09 09:12 PM Link | Quote
*_FAQ: What the hell have I been smoking?_*

I've been playing around with an idea for a while, in a setting that goes beyond what I think anyone has come up with yet. It's a giant What If based idea that should be able to pull in just about everyone. You see, everyone has their fantasies, their dreams, but what if they weren't just dreams and Ideas? What if they all had a bases, on sub lower level, they were real, and we just thought of them as dreams or imagination. What if the lives we live now are really just the memories to what your Real Existences are truly like?

*_What's the Setting?_*
The setting is what you'd imagine this "Real World" to be. It's around the area where Kings and Queens still have their castles, but we still have our Tech, or cars, video games, and whatnot, but no one has the need to use them. People instead use horses and whatnot to move about, because it's easier to live, cheaper, no gas is needed. It's a world identical to our world, but noone had a need to move on to liberal rights, giant government ran programs, or anything past the word of their Lord and Ladies. Cash currency is non-existent, but the use of coins is what we have.

In that respect, people still have their jobs, things that make the world go round, all that typical stuff, except people are gifted. Not everyone has powers, or obvious abilities to make them unique, but there are the group of people who have the ability to surpass the norm. Flight, energy, spells, the typical things you'd expect to see in the Sim Battling realm.

*_The Basis_*
We live as we do here, now, in the current age. The Mortal Realm. We are ourselves, yet we are more. We live in the government ran real world, and it's all what you see it as when you look through the window of yoru bedroom. People go by their daily lives, but never once really thinking that their Souls live in another timeline, with things that make them who they are. The other world with the kings and abilities are called the Underworld. Some call it the Spirit World, others call it Limbo, but all in all, it's the alternative world that we truely excell. To the normal human eye, we cannot see demons, spells, powers, we are blind to it, though some of us have such strong powers in the Underworld, that it's began to effect your current state as you are now.

The Aware are thoes who have the ability to communicate with their soul. Their souls are strong enough to give you the Sixth Sense abilities, minor telepathy, Empathy, some can create Psi balls (invisible to the human eye, but still have minor effects to other Aware beings) Some know the Spellcraft, and some even have the Sight to see the magical beings in daily life, that others cannot. All in all, every Aware person has the ability to sense one another, and all thoes others cannot see.

*_The System_*
All the gods exist to this day. Odin, Zeus, just to name two, but all reglions have a base, and all religious Gods have shape, even the Christan's "God", whom is so warmly referred to as the Creator to those who are Aware. With that, there is a Hierarchy to it all. You have the typical Humans, then theres the Aware. After that, the Aware are watched over by the Kings and Queens, then the Elders. The Elders take their orders from the Council who run mostly everything, who are then under the commands of the Gods. The Gods are the Guardians of Mortal Realm, Underworld, and Hell. The Creator, the top of the food chain, cares for Heaven.

In that system, Heaven only has so much room, so Souls are reincarnated to perserve space, and to give those Souls time to grow stronger. Ultimately, over time, some souls can communicate their past lives with who you are now, to help you get stronger, and there are even thoes Aware who can become as strong as the Gods.

*_The Meat of this RP_*
Now, this RP is focuses around the Light King. In this world setting, the Light King is the job title of the one guy who runs the Daytime. He moves the sun accordingly, and works in sync with the Dark King, controller of the moon. When a Light King passes, or is killed, his soul is transfered into a crystal (the crystal exists on the Mortal World), and that crystal is passed onto the next Light King, to pass on Knowledge, and Power.

The What If part in this, is What if, one of those Light Kings became a demon before he died. Upon being transfered, that would contaminate the whole crystal, and all order. Upon the switch, the current light king is twisted, and turned evil through these means. Thus, beginning a War with all whom exists. Our job is to figure out what's going on, who the Light King is, which King became a Demon, and how to reverse the whole deal before all hell break's loose, and the King's Army destroys everyone around him.

This is, of course, hopfully before the year 2012, when the Prophets of the Underworld foresee everything going wrong. From Ragnarok, the Anti-Christ, tribulations, and every other foreseen disaster is seen to happen.

*_The Characters_*
And before you ask, no, there are no character sheets.
To simplify matters, we all go to the same Highschool.
There are two characters to every person. Technically one, but meh. The first person, is who you are in the real world. As I am Cody, that would be person 1. Nuff said, easy enough to figure out, except put in some very minor Sixth Sense abilities that would set you apart from other people. For example, I would beable to create Psiballs, have minor spellcrafting abilities, minor ability to see people's thoughts (See, not Hear) and just barely beable to see shapes of otherworld figures. Of course, the ability to Sense comes with All Characters. (Be creative, but remember, what you do is not obvious to those who are not Aware. like Pyrokenisis is an extreme and won't work, though barely pushing small bits of paper around wouldn't be so far off)

The Second Character is where the real creation comes in. It's what you think your Soul would be, what he/she would look like, and just what they would beable to do. Some people are more then welcome to use their Sim Battling character, because a lot of you have made and developed thoes characters for so long, they ARE you. Like Kaijin is Mine. Theres no limit to what you can do with your Soul, so long as it's not of Divine strength (yet)

*_The other crap_*
Now, as you all can summarize, basically we're in Highschool. Theirs no guarantee that we well know each other, though we know there is something off about some of your fellow students, your just not sure HOW. The start is before the Light King has accumulated his army, and before anything solid is about to begin. Also, as a note, I won't be around for a good chunk of this RP, due to the fact I'll be returning to Job Corp in mid april, so feel free to continue this RP, with the main NPC's and what have you as you see fit, this is a very open RP, and is very open to user movement suggestions. So the beginning is how we see school life and how we deal with what we feel as odd occurances. Some of us may not yet be aware of the Underworld, though may be very open to their six sense abilities. Again, very open RP. Hell, some of you may not even believe in it, have the potential, and the other RPers will have to get them to Awaken.

The Underworld takes place when we fall asleep at night. It's where all the spellcraft and whatnot have the major influence on the game. In some situations, they will be so powerful, they effect your school life too, so there's that degree of you having to deal with spiritual issues while attempting to not look weird, or have anyone notice (good luck with that, lol.)

When character creating, I'm open to just about everything. From your character being half angel, to half demon, to fairy, nymph, elf, even vampire. However, due to the fact that's what your Soul is, you have a very human body. Since it's your nature, it will show some obvious signs as to what you are in your personality. Just remember, Light does not always mean good, as Dark does not always mean Evil.
For example: Vampires who see blood may act weak around it. To the unaware, that could be them thinking you faint at the sight of blood, the more knowledgeable will know your just trying to do everything you can to restrain yourself. While half demons could have a massive chip in yer shoulder.
I'm even open to people being a King of an element, or an ex King. Even an Elder or a Councilman, just no Gods without contacting me first =P I could use those as a story twist, lol. I'm sure theres a bit of info I'm missing here in my story, but if theres any holes your not familiar with, just contact me.

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