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12-03-22 10:32 PM
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Posted on 11-26-08 01:40 PM Link | Quote
All right, I know a lot of you consider Thanksgiving to be a sham holiday, but it's excuse enough to get out of work and school, travel far and wide to be with people (maybe you love them, maybe not so much), and stuff yourself silly packing in the winter weight early.

Anyway, what are you planning for tomorrow?

Yeah I know a lot of you aren't American, but go with it if you will.

I mentioned in a few different threads that I'd be driving out to Arizona to spend some time with my boyfriend's family. We'll probably do some hiking and maybe re-visit a few places we've gone already.


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Posted on 11-26-08 04:54 PM Link | Quote
Eh, we're jsut staying at home, and my grandparents are coming over. Nothing spectacular, but it's going to be fun.

Also, I'm doing most of the cooking, so we know it's going to taste awesome. :-D


Since: 09-02-04
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Posted on 11-26-08 09:38 PM Link | Quote
Ummmmmmmmm. Thanksgiving was LAST MONTH. Jeez you guys.

I had a quiet night at home. Ate some ham, since my dad is allergic to Turkey.

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Posted on 11-27-08 12:48 AM Link | Quote
Allergic to turkey? Wow that sucks.

The boyfriend and I are making an appearance at my family's gathering for a few hours then trekking down the freeway to his grandmother's for his family's dinner where we plan to do most of our eating.

Then I will come home and continue writing my damn research paper.
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Posted on 11-27-08 02:32 AM Link | Quote
Sorta missed it. Korea. I was at a different military base staying the night after going out drinking. I just got back, at 4pm today. 30 minutes ago. Missed the meal they had at the chow hall back at my base.


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Posted on 11-27-08 01:13 PM Link | Quote
Usually, I go to my grandparents or great-grandparents house for lunch & dinner, but my mom has work today, so...

We had lunch over here (Which was my breakfast, seeing as how I woke up @ 12 x.x)
Turkey for breakfast? Sure.

Later, we're going over to my great-grandparents for more food.
Most of our extended family members will be there.

Oh, and it's my older brother's birthday today.
(Nothing planned for that as far as I know)
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Posted on 11-28-08 03:07 PM Link | Quote
I worked.

As usual.

I'd work on Christmas too, but Dollar General is closed.
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Posted on 11-28-08 03:56 PM Link | Quote
I went and celebrated at one of the kids I take care of house. It was with about 10 other people and I really enjoyed my self, it was very yummy.

I also drove home, so woo!
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Since: 02-23-05
From: Minnesota!!

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Posted on 11-29-08 11:45 AM Link | Quote
Drove home? Ah, forgot your about 15 or so. Driving is fun at that age when you don't do it often.

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Posted on 11-29-08 05:13 PM Link | Quote
Hung out with my dad's side of the family on Thursday. A much more laid back environment, people drink, etc. We spent most of the day admiring their new doxen (sp?) dog that they got, it was tiny! Only three months old I think...

Next day we had to be at my grandma's house at 9:30 AM for brunch, then we did family pictures with my uncle and cousin in town (yay family pictures!!...) then went back to our grandma's to help setup the Christmas tree and had dinner later that night. Looooooong day.
If you're reading this... You are the Resistance

Since: 08-17-04

Since last post: 41 days
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Posted on 12-01-08 05:51 PM Link | Quote
Now that I can finally sit down at a computer and decompress on the topic, here's a short update on Brandon/Zoso's and my Thanksgiving break.

Glad to hear most of you guys had plans and great get-togethers. My apologies to those of you who missed it for work or military service. Unless you prefer what you were doing... then more power to you, I guess.

A rundown of my Thanksgiving.

We drove through Wednesday night, arriving Thanksgiving morning at Zoso's grandma's house in Chandler (near Phoenix), Arizona at 6 a.m. Got a couple hours of sleep.

Preparations and dinner were pretty atypical. I made pudding which we poured on the pumpkin pies for the double layer effect. They turned out pretty well.

After dinner Brandon's mom insisted we head up to South Mountain because she thought I'd take some great pictures looking down at city lights of Phoenix. We get up there and there's a lightning storm the next town over, but we're standing in completely clear skies staring at the lightning as it strikes nearby.

It was really surreal watching it, standing there at the edge of the cliff.

The next few days we hit a few Arizona landmarks (native ruins mostly), had some great Mexican baked goods, visited a Native American trading outpost with a lot of amazing things, and drove this really crazy and narrow dirt road through a canyon area.

Surprisingly a store in one of the "authentic" ghosttowns sold the hot sauce I mentioned in a previous thread:

Really wish we could stay longer next month when we go over for Christmas II.
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