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06-07-23 11:09 AM
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This isn't about you and your loud mouth,
This is about me and my fucking beard.

Since: 08-29-04
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Posted on 11-21-08 03:09 AM Link
I've been overcome by a sudden love of speculative science, so here's an outlet.

Story: Long in the future, mankind has seen its peak and its sharp descent into extinction. With the pinnacle of human technology, nanomachines, mankind ascended from a traditional organic reality to a manipulatable existence where humans served as their own gods. This was all capable thanks to the Utility Fog, the zenith of nanotechnology. The Utility Fog was a mass of nanomachines that filled the skies, allowing those who knew how to shape reality around them. With the right program codes, anything was possible. But the control and distribution of the Utility Fog led to a massive war amongst the humans. In a greed-fueled crusade for knowledge of the Utility Fog, mankind begot all other forms of transcendence. In time, humanity descended into madness, and the great civilizations that created infinite power crumbled into dust.

Humans are now a mere shadow of their former existence. Mainly nomads, they scour the earth, collecting codes to increase their power and enhance their lives, and find homes rich with the Fog. This existence is one we chose for ourselves, and this story is how we rose above it all and discovered the true power of man.

Scientific base for idea:

(I'm going to stretch the truth slightly, of course)


When creating your characters, try to keep in mind that you are not highly powerful. At this point, we are nomads, seeking power. Those with it have no need to search.

Character types:

Sapiens- A normal human who does not manipulate the Fog. An innocent casulty of his fellow man's destructive tendencies, he often seeks to rebuild civilization and restore the world to its former glory, with or without the Fog.

'Ghosts'- Transhumans who transferred their consciousnesses into the Fog. Capable of forming temporary holographic manifestations of themselves in Foglands, they are effectively immortal. If their form is broken, their consciousness remains in the collective data banks of the Fog, and so they can reform again after a period of time. They cannot venture into lands without Fog, however, and they themselves can be directly manipulated by strong willed individuals who manipulate the Fog. They often become servants to said individuals, doing their bidding until they outlast them.

Mages- A human who has a Utility Fog operating system synced with his nervous system, allowing for will-based manipulations of the Fog. However, Mages can only manipulate in manners their codes provide. Mages constantly seek more codes.


Creation: Item creation, from weapons to shelter, item creation codes are a boon to any Mage. Each item has a seperate code. Food and drink cannot be created.

Flight: Advanced level code, very hard to come across.

Telepathy: Telepathy codes allow a short-lived hologram of your visage to appear and deliver a preset message. Many find it better to hire a Ghost instead of using Telepathy codes, but they still exist.

Invisibility/Illusions: Varies from basic to advanced level codes. Almost all mages have one or two simple illusory spells, and all of them seek "shape-shifting" codes.

Manipulation: The manipulation of "energies" and objects. Telekinesis, "super" strength, energy blasts and beams, barriers and armor all fit into this category.

'Field' Codes: Allow the manipulation of others' Fog manipulations. Counters, dispells, reversals, all fit in this catagory. Medium to very advanced level codes.

Character type:
(If Mage) which codes do you start out with?


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Zombie Marco

Since: 03-24-06

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Posted on 12-10-08 07:49 PM Link
Name: Christoph Kruse

Age: 31

Appearance: Christoph clocks in at just under six feet, 150 pounds. He wears worn leather armor, and his blond hear cut short.

Character type: Sapien

Background: Christoph was raised to be a hunter by his father. He lives off the grid (although the proverbial grid exists in the air around them, he tries to stay to areas out of it's range), nearly completely self sufficient. He lives alone, going where he pleases, only stopping at settlements when necessary to get essential supplies. He travels with his dog, and only companion, Terri.

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The Accidental Protege

Iggy Koopa
I\"m your accidental protege...
The gift, the blood, the thrownaway...\"

Since: 03-08-05
From: Marching on the city of Southern Cross

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Posted on 12-10-08 08:02 PM Link
Here's a question for you. Can I use the fog to manifest Familiars? That would be ever so cool...
This isn't about you and your loud mouth,
This is about me and my fucking beard.

Since: 08-29-04
From: PA

Since last post: 4315 days
Last activity: 3938 days
Posted on 12-10-08 08:38 PM Link
Yeah, but they'd act like robots where you'd have to give them manual commands or give them AI patterns.

I can't imagine being able to do more than that at one time, though. Sounds like a lot of processing power.
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