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12-02-22 06:03 AM
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Any and all comments welcome.

Grumpily I woke, and instantly my ears filled with the tiny screeching of voices. I got up slowly, halting once I was in a kneeling position in front of the large crowd of people. I didn't want to make any sudden movements around the people who only stood at, on average, around six feet tall. This was difficult since the slightest twitch of my fingers could be seen as a threat to them, considering it would take four of them standing on top of each other just to match the length of my smallest finger.

I brushed the long brown hair that dangled in front of my face to the side to clear my view. The moon and stars above lit the area up with a vibrant white shine, reflecting brightly of my deep green coloured eyes, revealing my naked, surprisingly pale skinned body. It wasn't easy to tell in my current kneeling position, but my body was an impressive five hundred and eighty feet tall roughly. I sighed as I realised the kind of crowd this was... Unfortunately it has happened to me before. I really did not like killing so many people...

I scanned the crowd, looking for the one who was obviously ready to communicate. I noticed an unusually tall man in a smart, black suit raise a megaphone, so I guessed he was the one talking to me. Unfortunately, his puny megaphone did not help me hear him at all. True, his voice needed to be louder, but it was of a pitch so high it sounded like... Well, I guessed it sounded like a gnat flying by my ear, although I've never been their size to compare the sounds. All I know is the sound of a gnat by your ear is supposed to be incredibly annoying.

Eventually the mayor of the city, a short, round man in a purple and black striped suit, brought a set of man-sized speakers and some device to deepen his voice, angrily shooed the suited man away and turned to face me. He raised the microphone to his lips and the speakers activated.
"Giant, I'm afraid we no longer want you living here." His voice was stern, much unlike the kind man he was when he offered me a place to stay a few months ago.
"W-why?" I stammered, yet my powerful, deep voice still struck fear into most. I felt nervous about all the tiny people around me. Since they completely circled me, I was unable to move in fear of accidentally crushing some.
"Your mere existence is causing major damage to the wildlife here, with our forest and crops diminishing fast."
I bowed my head in shame and let out a low, "I'm sorry." I hoped that if I kept a good record now, and stayed the 'nice guy', the town would forgive my petty annoyances and let me stay. At this point I wondered why they seemed to be able to understand my voice, but my ears were too large to understand their pitiful squeaks.

The chief of the police department was passed the microphone.
"We've also had recent reports of you threatening certain townspeople," he said, "That kind of behaviour is not tolerated."
"To be fair," I started in reply, "those threats were made to try and reduce the harassment I've been receiving lately."
"Our reports say one person merely greeted you, and you threatened to squish them if they did not leave your property."
"Th-that's untrue," I was getting really nervous now about losing my home, and possibly losing my temper.


It was pretty late at night, and I had just gotten to sleep about half an hour or so earlier. The sound of squeaking filled my ears making me wake up groggily. Knowing people were nearby, I scanned the floor carefully before moving my body and hands to be sure my movements would not crush anyone. Once I had safely gotten up, I looked at the teenager who was making rude gestures to me, and the tone of his voice, from what I could tell, was trying to be hurtful.

I requested that he leave, and he seemed to agree. Once I settled back down, I felt a rock hit hard against my very sensitive right ear, followed by more shouting. I shuffled back a little, grasping my ear, yelping slightly in pain. I cowered away from the teen, as hard as that is to believe, when he began throwing more things.

"Please, quit that," I told him.
"What are you gonna do about it?" He screamed, barely understandable. I stood up, hoping my full height would warn him away. All it did was gave him a new target. At least my ankles weren't nearly as sensitive to touch as my ears. In fact, it barely tickled, but the fact he was still throwing stones after my request began to bug me.
"I told you to stop," an unusual amount of anger was in my voice. Most would not detect it, but I could detect even the slightest amount of anger or annoyance in my own voice, and it scared me. The tiny rocks continued to bounce off my feet, which led me to reaching down and picking the tiny figure of a teenager up.
"Did I not warn you?" My tone was low and angry, and the boy stiffened in fear in my hand, "leave me in peace. Do not return here." I put the boy down. The instant his feet touched the floor he was off like a bullet through the trees of my forest home.


"That is basically it," I said, finishing up my side of the story. I noticed everyone had turned around, looking into the trees. "W... Were you even listening?"

I noticed a tiny figure limp out of the disguise of the trees. The boy who kept me awake, I realised as his face was lit up in the moonlight and the many torches of the people below. His body looked pretty shaken up. He spoke to the mayor briefly before taking the microphone so I could hear him.

"Look at what this beast has done to me!" He took a pause to take some pained breaths, "Battered me with his fingers! We should not allow a demon like this to live near us." He sounded so sincere, but he was fine when I let him go.
"He's lying," I mumbled, feeling pretty scared now. I did not want to leave the safety of the town's forest, and after this boy's little display I could end up being chased away by artillery fire.
"Does my body lie? Do you think anyone else could have caused this much damage? And if someone else did, do you really think I wouldn't try to get them arrested instead?"

I could feel hundreds of tiny glares falling on me, making me very uncomfortable. Very quickly, the object throwing, gun firing and cursing started off. They were almost fighting for a go on the microphone just so I could hear them through the mass of tiny squeaks.

I staggered back, the sheer amount of things being thrown at me started to actually hurt a little, and I was surprised at the crowd's sudden reaction.
"Please... Stop..."
"You didn't stop when you beat up this poor boy!" said the current person with the microphone, followed shortly after with a cheer of agreement.

Anger slowly built up inside me with each passing minute. The crowds just would not stop. My breathing grew heavier, and eventually the anger burst out of me, making me lift my foot high and smashing it down to the ground. Every single person in the crowd fell over from the shockwave, and not a single one stood back up in fear of the angered giant.
"Stop throwing things at me!" My voice boomed loudly for many miles, "are you trying to make me a vicious monster? I've tried my hardest to live peacefully with you people for so long, and all you do is try to hurt me! If you want rid of me, try just asking."

I clenched my fists and stood entirely still, waiting for any response. Eventually one of the suited men stood up and picked up the microphone.
"Could you... please leave?" He asked. I got to my knees and bent down as far as I could and put my mouth right next to the man.
"Too late now," I mocked as I licked at the man, flicking him into my mouth. I swallowed instantly, unable to feel the man's body fall down my gullet.

Panic spread through the crowd who began to run like the idiots they are. I smashed my foot down, covering a large amount of the crowd. The shockwave caused everyone else to fall down again, making the rest of the slaughter very fast. I grabbed handfuls of the people who would selfishly hoard their food, gulping them down without chewing. The rest were turned to battered pulp on my soles. Angrily I stomped to their city and went completely berserk, making certain not a single person lived. Two hours I spent grinding every building to a dusty mess.

I collapsed to the floor, starting to calm myself down. This was the third small city that had fallen to the same fate by my hand. By this point I figured the human race considered themselves as the superior gods of the planet, masters of every other living thing, uncaring to anyone, even themselves. In the distance I saw large masses of vehicles headed in my direction to destroy the only giant they knew of. We couldn't work out our differences peacefully...

As I watched the army draw ever closer, I felt the rhythmic hum of my own kind phasing into this world to protect me. We wanted to set up a peaceful alliance with the humans, one where we could all live in harmony together. Now we were entering a war, similar to the one we were trying to escape from... At least this one would be easy.
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