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01-22-21 11:52 PM
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Posted on 04-01-08 03:07 AM Link | Quote
As I've oversimplified it to others, it's at its core a 3D space combat game. I'm terrible at describing games.

So, does anyone here play it? I'm considering running a server for it on my computer (so it'd be completely free for me!).

Those who haven't played it, if you're interested, contact me. I can help ya out. The game's old enough that my computer exceeds the recommended specs by a good margin, so I'm sure everyone here can run it...

Just a warning though: the server may have to go down when I play certain other games. That'll usually happen after 8 PM EST though, if this does happen, and I'll see about starting it up again after I'm done and leaving it on.

A second warning: The server's gonna be one where players can kill each other. I'm just gonna advise that you not do that too much.

Edit: Aaand a third warning: I might have a mod active on the server that you'd need to download. It's only about 60 MB between it and the required files. Gotta spend some time trying it out, though.

(Last edited by Masaru Ryumi on 04-01-08 07:38 AM)
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