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12-08-22 04:00 PM
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Posted on 02-08-08 05:43 AM Link
Now I?m just throwing ideas around on this one, but I was wondering if anyone was interested in an avatar rp? If so here is my idea.

The rp takes place in the first 20 years of Fire lord Sozin war in which the air nomads have not yet been completely wiped out. the forses remaining are.

Air Nomads: only the northern air temple remains as a strong hold, and with the fire nation stepping up efforts it won?t be long till their last citadel comes crashing down.

Northern Water Tribe: in a perement position of defense, suffers the occasional raid but the fire nation generally stays away from them. The northern water tribe hails from the north pole.

Southern Water Tribe: suffering greatly from raid after raid, many of there waterbenders have been captured by the fire nation. The southern water tribe hails from the south poll.

Fogy Swamp water Tribe: considered backwards and uncultured. The fogy swamp water benders exist inside the boundary?s of the Earth kingdom though they are an independent community.

Earth Kingdom: the main combat force in the war they have managed thus far to hold the fire nation on the western coast of their vast kingdom. The earth kingdom is the largest in the world consisting of a vast eastern continent.

Fire nation: the antagonist of the war, their goal is to use the war to share there ?prosperity? with the world. The fire nation hails from a chain of islands far in to the west.

The plot:
You have been summand by the Earth King in the City of Ba Sing Se for a special mission behind enemy lines.

Now as far as charters you can be?

Water bender: a water bender allows his defense to become his power. He relies on his ability to use his enemies power agents him. The water bender can manipulate water in all its forms (liquid, solid, gas,) and use it as a weapon or concealment. Your power is augmented by a full moon.

Earth Bender: you use the power of the eart to strike your enemy and to create obstacles between you and the enemy. Vary powerful damaging art, un like air or water bending.

Fire Bender: I would like to keep this to a minimum since they are the enemy. (if you wish to be a fire bender you need to have a good reason to be going agenst the will of the Fire lord, and you must get my approval first) fire benders harness the power of the sun to conger fire (and lightning at higher levels). Fire bending is pure power and has little to no defensive moves. You are also more powerful during the day then at night.

Air Bender: this force has almost been completely wiped out save a few monks (all air benders are monks even girls) whom hail from the northern air temple. As an airbender you use the power of the wind to defend yourself against an enemy. This art is defensive, however it can be used to augment speed and agility, as well as to fly with the assistance of a glider which all monks carry folded in side a spring-loaded staff.

Non Bender: non benders rely on abilities other then bending to fight. They are often warriors skilled with many weapons. With proper training they are just as capable as benders in a fight. Non-benders can be from any nation.

Blank Character sheet:


Sex: (I don?t use the word gender as it is Masculine/feminine I prefer the more scientific term sex as it implies male/female)

Nation of origin:

Bending: (yes/no)





Sample charter (will not be played)

Name: Lu ten

Sex: male

Nation of origin: Fire Nation.

Bending: yes (fire)

Age: 21

Description: a tall princely looking fire nation solder, he wares red armor and has long black hair and glowing yellow eyes.

Personality: a Sirius young solder, he takes everything seriously as he will one day be fire lord.

Bio: son of Iroh and prince of the fire nation, Lu Ten was brought up knowing that one day he would be Fire Lord after his father Prince Iroh passed away. However that dream never came true as Lu Ten was slain by an Earth bender during the 380 day singe of Ba Sing Se. his father abandon the siege and returned home only to fined his brother Ozai to had taken the crown.

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Zombie Marco

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Posted on 02-08-08 10:21 AM Link
I'm going to join, but first I have to say this, Ben. Good job. You have really improved writing wise. I noticed only a few errors that were very small. Hell you write better than 90% of the internet now, and better than some people on the board. Congratulations.

I'll post my character later.


Since: 07-24-06

Since last post: 5396 days
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Posted on 02-08-08 01:07 PM Link
Thank you!

Granted this post was written at 2am as well so I am surprised that it is compliment worthy.
Dirk Ralthar


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From: Malthar

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Posted on 02-08-08 09:38 PM Link
Name: Chao Keitaro (Alias: Hitsugaya Toushiro)

Sex: Male

Nation of origin: Fire Nation

Bending: Yes/Fire

Age: 19

Description: 5'10", he wears the blue and white garb of a water nation commoner. The only mark that identifies him as a member of the Fire Nation's Royal Line is his golden eyes. He carries a dual sword, the scabbard of which is blue with white cherry blossoms.

Personality: Calm and compassionate. Quick to anger, but there are few things that will set him off.

Bio: Cousin to the future Fire Lord Azulon, he was secretly courting the daughter of the Chieftain of the Northern Water Tribe. He fought for 3 years in the war with the Air Nomads, and he questioned the reasoning behind it but continued to fight in spite of that. When the Fire Lord declared war against the water tribe, it finally opened his eyes to the futility of the war. Deserting his post as the general of the Fire Nation forces sent to fight in the Northern Water Kingdom, he threw aside his royal heritage and traveled to the palace of the Northern Water Kingdom. He left the water tribe, and traveled for some time before the summons arrived, honing his firebending, and putting his skill to use as best as possible for the citizens of the Earth Kingdom.


Since: 07-24-06

Since last post: 5396 days
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Posted on 02-13-08 02:02 AM Link
Dear moderator, as i read threw my first post i relise there is a lot of disorginised detail. im going to close this thread, take a week or so to cleen it up then repost.

Thread closed.

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Posted on 02-15-08 07:43 PM Link
Closed by request of thread starter.
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim/RP-Discussion - Avatar the Last Airbender the mising 100 years. | Thread closed

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