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01-16-21 01:11 AM
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#1 Enhancement Shaman US Ravenholdt

Since: 09-05-04
From: His Laughin' Place

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Posted on 01-31-08 12:34 PM Link | Quote
Thought this would be a very interesting thread to discuss on.

Well, out of your very expansive library, what games have you not played yet, but you want to? I know I have quite a few, so I guess Ill go ahead and begin.

PC Games

Just as im a console gamer, im also a pretty heavy PC gamer. However I don't like some of the "newer" games that are out, but back in the day, I played a ton of classics. Especially on DOS and the early Voodoo OpenGL engines. . Yeah, fun stuff.

My very first 3D Mech game was Heavy Gear, but when I heard there was going to be a second one, I nearly pissed myself, but reguardless, I have never played this. I have however played the arcade port to it, which was basically a virtual Reality videogame where you wear a helmet and try to take down countless Mechs while either defending, or taking over a base. But I hear the PC port was very fun, and was about 45% more expansive than the original PC game. So someday im definitely checking this out.

This thread is about games you have not played yet, however I USED to own this, and I never have beaten it. Which saddens me, because this game was actually pretty fun. Took the roots of the C&C series back in 95' and pretty much gave it a huge sandstorm. Thats basicialy what this is. Alot of people say the Dune games were better than C&C, and I have to agree. Anything after Tiberium Sun (Or During it) to me was pretty pathetic, but the Dune series has a very interesting storyline and gamer value to it. Maybe Westwood will release a Dune Collection one of these days, until then, Ill somehow find and grab this. Either that or ill somehow find my Dune game lying around in the midst of my attic...I hope.

Console Games


People say this game sucks, and I dont blame them, it was a pretty bad game. But if you were to play your cards right, you might actually have fun with this game! If anyone knows of a freeware game thats almost exactly like this: Basicially buying cars and blowing them up, please let me know, cause back in the day, I loved games like this.

No, im not joking, never in my life have I played this...Why? Because where I lived, the only good NES games availiable to rent were the shitty ones obviously. No wonder I was hooked on "Tales of Avantasia" on SEGA, which was a cheap rip-cross between Final Fantasy, and Earthbound. But anyways, this game? Never on the shelves, and if it was, it was either taken away, or covered up by JAWS for the NES. Or maybe Othello? Either way, I never played it, and I need to obviously if I want to call myself a Nintendo gamer. (Which im like, not even one...But I was)

Well, thats all I have for now, Ill maybe post more when others post here. So how about you guys? Got a game you would like to try out? Maybe give out some reviews for those of us who has not played it yet?

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Fear will kill your mind and steal your love as sure as anything;
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Since: 10-03-04
From: Azul Lux Orbital, Kirin Beta

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Posted on 01-31-08 02:23 PM Link | Quote
There's always roms for Metroid.

If you don't like that approach, I can taunt you by saying I've played Metroid on an NES. (no, really, I have. Not just being an ass here. )

You can probably get the GBA rerelease for a bout $6-10 at Gamestop, or for about $6 on the Virtual Console, but I'm pretty sure you have no Wii. The original Metroid was good for its time, but it's rather primitive. Super Metroid's better in every way, but I'm still glad I played the original.

Games I want to play:

For a long time, it was R-Type Delta, but I now have that. And almost never play it because I suck at shoot-em-ups.

Super Mario Galaxy's an obvious one. I keep hearing great things about it, taunting me because a Wii has been just out of my financial reach for months! Ah well, tax refund soon.

Way of the Samurai 2: I have the first one sitting right in front of me. Fun game, and only about $10. But I can't find the sequel anywhere. I hear it has shitty voice acting (as opposed to the original's complete lack of it), but I play WotS to cut people with swords, not for acting.

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Fox of all Foxes

Since: 06-13-07
From: Washington

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Posted on 01-31-08 06:09 PM Link | Quote
Lets see...

For PC games:
Cave Story I want to play and I've installed it so far but haven't gotten around to playing it yet.

There's one PC game that was based on an awesome book I read a long time ago, but I'll have to wait to get back home to remember what it was called.

Playstation games:
MGS3. I said that I'd get around to beating it but I never have. That's a goal of mine though before MGS4 comes out.

UT3. Although I'm not into very many shooter games this one still looks pretty awesome.

Ratchet and Clank Future.

The Final Fantasy games from 5 and below.

And I can't think of any more at the moment but I'll probably add some more soon.

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