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12-04-22 06:54 AM
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Posted on 01-13-08 11:38 PM Link | Quote
If any of you have read my story in the story Realm, this is an RP based upon that universe. Concocted by me, and influenced by Cairoi.

Hope you Enjoy.

The year is 2235, The 150th anniversary of the destruction of Earth. Not literally of course, but figuratively. The world was subject to a long standing war beginning in 2072, between all of the world powers. The United States was the aggressor, warring over the oil reserves in the Middle East, France, Russia, and China. The UK tried to bring peace to all of these conflicts, but was drawn in as well. Eventually the war came to a climax in the year 2083, when an all-out nuclear war was launched. Throughout the coming two years, all of the world was slowly broken beneath the might of millions of nukes, forcing most of mankind into underground bunkers. The world was traumatized by this event, and most of the countries an nations were reduced to dust, along with their governments. The earth lost the majority of it's wildlife, and it's climate radically shifted to desert lands. unnaturally orange dried earth as far as the eye can see. People near the nuclear blasts began to mutate, along with wildlife. Creating a monstrous force of predators, forcing man to develop new ways of fending them off.

In this year, mankind is mostly nomadic. Because of the creatures whom hunt after humans, as well as those who are just very territorial, the creatures fight hard whenever man moves into it's area. Resources are very difficult to acquire, and are quickly depleted. Therefore, man has developed to eating synthetic foods, though less nutritious, it will suffice when food is scarce. Shepherds are the main form of travel, and people who prefer to live in cities often live in the shells of buildings, repairing only structural damage to keep it livable. Usually repaired poorly. Rudimentary technology, mostly more advanced than it was in the year 2008, is present. This technology often bugs out for no apparent reason, and is difficult to repair. There are no long-range radio frequencies, cellphones are rendered inoperable. Short-range radios however are known to work rather well, and can keep contact between two Shepherds within thirty miles. Radio equipment is very valuable because of this, and difficult to come across.

Mankind lives to search for famed locations known as "Eden Oasises." These Oasises are difficult to come across, as they only occur in lands not struck by nuclear blasts. However, the two largest Oasises known are the polar ice caps, two locations left untouched by nuclear attacks, and run by massive corporations, who own the oasises and charge ridiculous amounts of money for one to live in them. The corporations which own the Ice caps are the only people on the planet whom actually profited off of the destruction of the planet. The Ice caps are also no longer covered in ice, due to the climate shift, they are actually quite comfortable to live in. Conditions in the "ice caps" are similar to the conditions of Canada in the year 2008. (Note, yes I know the arctic is mostly frozen ice, but in this world, it is supported by man-made land, which was a very profitable industry in the year 2053, several years before the war began. Coincidence?)

Playable professions:

Squire- A Knight of the Brotherhood in Training. Most Squires the people know are on their quest to reach Jerusalem and become a knight. They do not live in Shepherds, they travel on horses. They often carry a Ranged Pack or a Melee Pack. Squires rarely wear armor.

Ranged Packs contain two MPs, a pistol, and a rifle.

Melee Packs contain a "wand," an extending pole arm, and a shotgun.

Guard- An affiliate of the Brotherhood whom protect people in Shepherds or towns from danger. They are employees of the world, as they are hired by "clocking in" at sites and residing there. They wear medium or light armor, carry a submachine gun, pistol, and "wand", and are accompanied by Avatars.

Avatars are the CPU assistants of Guards that are programmed to protect innocents and provide support fire for Guards. They are floating metallic orbs that can comprehend any language.

Priests- Members of the Brotherhood that could best be described as "battle medics". They are renowned for being the only people able to synthetically create the most sought after chemical in the known world- esunatoxin. Esunatoxin is the chemical that can heal practically any wound on the human body. Demand is far higher than supply, however, so Priests often scour the world, searching for the components to create more.

They wear medium to heavy armor, carry shotguns and "wands", and have compartments on their armor for the Esunatoxin capsules.

Lepers- Lepers are the mutants that have managed to keep a hold on their humanity. While their bodies are disfigured, they retain all mental faculties and attempt to help their fellow man with the powers they acquired through their DNA. Often looked down due to their appearance, they much prefer the company of other Lepers, and always keep themselves wrapped in bandages, mainly the places where the mutation is most noticeable. All Lepers have bright, luminescent green eyes.

There are four types of Lepers, but only three are playable. Psyche Lepers have enlarged heads and extremely distorted faces, but they are gifted with the power of telekinesis. Gaia Lepers are cursed with rail-thin arms that incapable of lifting almost anything and enlarged hands, but can manipulate the elements. Behemoth Lepers have bloated arms and upper chest, like a weightlifter, and cracked, metallic skin that appears to be made of lead. They have superhuman strength and durability, able to take some bulletfire without armor.

Shepherd Denizens: These people spend most of their lives on Shepherds, giant vehicles that serve as small communities and headquarters for many people. In a way, a Shepherd is like a wagon train from the Gold Rush days, but they are all contained inside one humongous vehicle. There are several important occupations for those who live in Shepherds.

Taximen(not playable)- The people with years of training who have learned to accurately drive Shepherds. The amount of accuracy necessary for their occupation is a perfect example as to why Shepherds aren't everywhere.

Weathermen(not playable)- The only people capable of tracking the constant geographical changes, thus making them a necessity. Most Shepards have two Weathermen, though some have only one.

Scouts- People who work closely with Weathermen to verify or supply information to them, or to simply scout for a variety of other reasons. Carry a variety of sight-enhancing equipment. Wear light to no armor, and often are the most comfortable in the sand storms and weather conditions.

Mechanic- Mechanics, simply enough. They are sought after all throughout the world because their skills are needed everywhere, from on Shepherds to inside cities. They are proficient warriors on their own, often carrying a pistol and "wand", but their specialty is rebuilding and maintaining machinery. The only thing they are completely unable to repair is Brotherhood machinery. It is built in a manner Mechanics cannot understand.

Hunter-One of the most dangerous jobs available. Hunters are masters at two things- hunting for food, and killing people. They wear giant suits of armor called Titan Gear that often makes them appear much larger than they actually are, and besides the Golden Shield members of the Brotherhood, they are the only people who know how to operate it. The Titan Gear built for hunters is more honed in on ranged combat. Using complex locking mechanisms in order to hold their weapons still for greater accuracy, as well as, to absorb recoil from their weaponry. Also built into the armor is a series of weapons, contained mostly in the arm pieces of the armor. Able to fire off with the speed of a machine pistol, though containing much more ammunition. This makes the hunter an extremely valuable ally to have in combat.

Hunters have special canine companions trained to warn the hunters of danger from any direction, scout ahead, detect and track animals Hunters can no longer see, and retrieve kills. They often have specialized suits of armor themselves because of their value to Hunters.

Emissary- Diplomats and spies among the Shepherds. They make their living traveling among Shepherds, delivering long-distance messages between people living in Shepherds. Because of their fickle staying time in a specific Shepherd, they often make money collecting "dirt" on people and selling it to others. Not trusted, for obvious reasons, by most Shepherd denizens. They are also able to defend themselves in case of conflict, carrying a pistol and "wand".

Diviners-People who have a mystical ability to sense water with radar-like accuracy. They are revered by many as non-religious priests, and most people are superstitious about the "bad luck" any Shepherd will face without one. They often have wrist devices that give them the ability to detect living things, enhancing their usefulness outside of water. They also carry an extending pole arm and a "wand", but do not carry guns.

Background: (cannot currently be a part of a Shepherd. Your character could have been, but there must be a reason as to why they are no longer in it. Also be sure to come up with an idea as to why you are currently in the ruins of Paris, now affectionately renamed New Paris. Even though it is a brutal and crime-infested city.)

My Characters, and more to come.

Name: Desmond Belmont
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Profession: Knight
Background: Desmond recently completed his journey through the desert in order to attain knighthood. His trusted companion, Isabelle, led him true to Jerusalem. His first mission received from the Brotherhood, entailed him traveling to Paris, in order to help out with the refugees there. He has just arrived and noticed that there is a Shepherd present, one which appears to be sparsely populated.

Name: Firios
Age: 43
Sex: Male
Profession: Farmer Leper (An extremely rare form of Leper which is known to be able to excrete chemicals from their skin, the only way to acquire the healing synthetic naturally.)
Background: A long time companion of Enixia, helps her in making the chemicals to heal others. Firios generally hides in the back, avoiding any conflict, and trying to keep to himself. Dressed in body-covering black robes, only revealing his eyes, so as to not let people know what type of Leper he is. He pretends to be a telekinetic in order to keep from being hunted by the corporations.

Name: Enixia Addams
Age: 25
Sex: Female
Profession: Priest
Background: Enixia travels with Firios, they joined together long ago, being friends since childhood. Enixia and Firios have been living in Paris, helping those less fortunate, and healing those attacked by the creatures.

Name: Scarth Lindassa
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Profession: Scout
Background: Scarth is addicted to an illegal chemical substance, secreted by Farmer Lepers, in order to simulate different things. Some of the drugs cause delirium and a sense of a "high", but most are much more dangerous. These simulate the powers of other mutants, giving humans the ability to control elements, telekinesis, and increased strength, this drug is known to cause the mutation permanently, without leaving the power to be permanent.

Name: Dexter Bismuth
Age: 47
Sex: Male
Profession: CEO
Background: Dexter is one of the leaders of the corporations which have taken over the Eden Oasises at the polar caps. He is ruthless and has great business sense, as well as enough funding and people to destroy what's left of the earth.

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Posted on 01-14-08 10:43 PM Link | Quote
I'm co-running this shindig, man. Don't forget I came up with quite a few things on here. "influenced", bah.

Name: Jonas Blood
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Profession: Weatherman
Background: Jonas is a Weatherman who is completely dedicated to his job. He is haunted by the event when the Shepherd he was in as a child was destroyed by shifting earth plates and lava bursts. He was one of the few survivors. He now spends most of his time calculating, and keeps himself awake for impossible lengths of time. While he may appear irritable and cold, he cares deeply for the people he claims responsibility for everyday he calls himself a Weathermen.

Name: Sheldon Jeffery
Age: 32
Sex: Male
Profession: Taxi man
Background: Sheldon is an adventuring spirit with a strange past. He has ties to both the Corporation and the Brotherhood, and no one knows where his heart ever really lies. Having just purchased a brand-spanking new Shepherd, he's in search of a crew and tenants. He's got a deep abyss of a pocket he needs to fill again.

Name: Immanuel
Age: 40
Sex: Male
Profession: Behemoth Leper
Background: Immanuel has been a close friend of Sheldon for a long, long time. He's a very kind person who loves all humans, but has a fierce sense to protect. His body can withstand bullets and he can rend metal with his hands, but he keeps his body wrapped in white bandages and covered in a brown cloak.

Name: Rene Descartes
Age: 34
Sex: Male
Profession: Crimson Blade Knight of the Brotherhood
Background: A member of the Brotherhood, Rene has been out of operation for some time. He's had acquaintances with Sheldon over the years and is being nagged by him to join the new Shepherd, something he's quite hesitant about.

Name: Lao Gyatso
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Profession: Guard
Background: The 20th incarnation of the Dalai Lama, Lao has grown up in a far different world than his predecessors. Because of the difficulty of staying in one place, the monastery where he was raised was lost to ruin. Now, alone in his quest to continue the work of his ancestors and overcome his extreme doubt over his religion, he's going to embark on a quest to rediscover himself. The only remnants of his days as Dalai is his Avatar, a custom model designed for his protection.

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Posted on 01-15-08 04:13 PM Link | Quote
I'm joining this, but I need to talk to you about my idea for a character. It's not usual, so I'd rather talk to you on AIM first.

Don't worry, it's not like a supermercenarywithalltheskillscombined character.

Zombie Marco

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Posted on 01-16-08 01:08 AM Link | Quote
Name: Christoph Kruse
Age: 31
Sex: Male
Profession: Drifter
Background: A hunter like his father, Christoph left the Shepherd that he had resided on, due to personal conflicts four years ago. He now lives alone, going where he pleases, only stopping at Shepherds when necessary to get essential supplies. He still travels with his dog, Terri, but without the traditional hunter's equipment.


Since: 08-16-04

Since last post: 4355 days
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Posted on 01-18-08 11:49 PM Link | Quote
So, Vulkar, PM me with your ideas since I apparantly can't get a hold of you any other time you're online.


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Posted on 01-24-08 12:05 PM Link | Quote
I'd like to join, but I have crazy finals week right now. give me the weekend to make my character sheet.


Since: 08-16-04

Since last post: 4355 days
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Posted on 01-24-08 02:34 PM Link | Quote
That's absolutely no problem m'dear. Glad to see you're interested.

OK, everyone, the RP should be up sometime in the next two weeks, I want all of you who made characters to get back to me, and all of you who want to make characters talk to me about what you'd like. The class system is made for your benefit, but it is not strict. You can play a combination of two classes if you want, etc etc.

Just let me know.


Since: 08-16-04

Since last post: 4355 days
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Posted on 02-04-08 01:37 AM Link | Quote
Don't lose interest people, I'll be starting this soon, been busy and shit.
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Posted on 02-05-08 03:46 PM Link | Quote
Name: Gnoss
Age: 32
Sex: Male
Profession: Behemoth Leper
Background: A mercenary who makes a living taking on jobs of various tasks, Gnoss travels about New Paris, visiting contacts and employers. Although a Leper, he has many associates and gets along with normal people fairly well. He makes his way travelling through the dangerous parts of the city to clients easily because of his size. Oddly enough, however, he often leaves the very dangerous jobs alone. Gnoss has a good head on his shoulders and is a rarity among his kind.
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