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02-02-23 04:19 PM
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#1 Enhancement Shaman US Ravenholdt

Since: 09-05-04
From: His Laughin' Place

Since last post: 3898 days
Last activity: 3892 days
Posted on 12-24-07 03:27 AM Link | Quote
Or if you guys dont celebrate Christmas, Happy quanzanaunica holidays -- Err, Whatever.

Wish you guys on getting what you want, need, etc. But I also wish you guys a great time spending it on your families.

What sucks about me is that this will be my 3rd year not being able to see my family for Christmas, 2nd year spending it at Waffle House, and the first year was spending it at Disney World in by far the hellish conditions (It RAINED...VERY Cold)

Reason why I made this thread is because I was going to try to on Christmas Day, but I wont be home, or online until Thursday. Wednesday is when Ill be celebrating Christmas with my mom and her new Boyfriend. I suppose it will be pretty cool.

I dont have anything to get you guys for Christmas, but I just wanted to say Merry Christmas, and God bless you guys for being awesome. Simple as that.



Since: 10-23-04
From: Outer Space

Since last post: 5464 days
Last activity: 5457 days
Posted on 12-25-07 12:32 AM Link | Quote
Merry Christmas ya bunch of nutcases.

From the guy who drops in 3-4 maybe 7 times a year.

(Last edited by Bloodreign on 12-25-07 03:33 AM)


Since: 08-16-04

Since last post: 4416 days
Last activity: 726 days
Posted on 12-25-07 01:37 AM Link | Quote
Merry Christmas, may the cheer be spread, and commercialism be worshiped. God knows us in Retail deserve it.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus

High Xeodent of Xeomerica.

Since: 10-29-04
From: North Carolina, United States. World, Sol System, milky way

Since last post: 1864 days
Last activity: 945 days
Posted on 12-25-07 08:24 AM Link | Quote
Merry christmaas to all!

Enjoy the massive amounts of overpriced items.

Is back!

Since: 10-01-04
From: Stafford, UK

Since last post: 3985 days
Last activity: 3946 days
Posted on 12-25-07 08:54 AM Link | Quote
A big merry Christmas to all of Xeogaming!

And I don't have a job anymore! Stupid Christmas temps...
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - *Politically incorrect* : Merry Christmas Xeogaming |

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