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01-20-21 11:55 PM
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Posted on 10-30-07 04:03 AM Link | Quote
First of all, this is unedited. Your welcome to point out the grammar and/or spelling problems if you wish . This is a short story I wrote for literature class. I couldn't think of anything to write about, but then this came to me. I think it's a little bit inspired by "Cassie" by Flyleaf.

Well here you go:


Cassie had a perfect life. She had a great job, a good education and the best boyfriend a girl could have. She got perfect grades in school, had loving parents and the beauty of a model. On weekdays she would study with friends, on weekends she was always out doing something fun. She had the life all of the girls wish they had.
On the weekend, between studying for her high school finals, she was invited to a party. Her boyfriend and she made an appearance and as her boyfriend was the life of the party, her mind was elsewhere. When someone would approach to talk to her, she would suddenly put a smile on her face and look up and speak with him or her. But she made no other means of communicating; she sat to the side not looking up unless she was spoken too.
Her boyfriend drove her home and even then she continued to stare out the window. He parked in front of her house, where she lived alone. He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. “Did you have a good time?” He asks her, grinning. She looked over at him and smiled, “Yeah, I did.” She tilted forward and kissed him softly before opening the car door. She waved and escaped into her own house.
When she walked in the door she was greeted by images and thoughts in every direction. She shook her head and slipped off her shoes and headed to her room for bed. She undressed and opened the closet for her sleeping wear. She gathered them up but she couldn’t help but stare at a small briefcase she kept in the corner.
She stared at it for a long time before closing the closet doors and lying down in bed. She spelt restlessly. She spent much of the night staring at the ceiling, and the other portion tossing and turning in her sleep.
She awoke quickly in the early morning hearing her phone ring. She yawned and walked over to the phone. She answered it with a cheerful “Hello?” and was answered by her younger sister who was calling to wish her a happy birthday. She listened to her sister and thanked her for her thoughtfulness.
Her 18th birthday, it was already here. She said goodbye to her sister and hung up the phone. She looked at the ground and stared at her feet for a moment and then walked straight back to her room. She opened the closet doors and picked up the briefcase in the corner.
She walked outside to see a beautiful sunrise; she stared at it for a moment. She then opened the briefcase…
A gunshot rang through the air, Cassie’s perfect life was ended without a second thought.

EDIT: I edited the paper a couple times.

(Last edited by Kyoku kun on 10-30-07 07:47 AM)

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Posted on 10-30-07 04:50 AM Link | Quote

It started out so cheerful then ended with a bang.(literally)

almost curious on why she lived on her own, but that's the way of the short story. Always leaves a few questions in the end I guess

Good job
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Xeogaming Forums - Story Realm - Cassie (A short story) |

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