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08-11-22 01:01 AM
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This isn't about you and your loud mouth,
This is about me and my fucking beard.

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Posted on 09-17-07 04:45 PM Link | Quote
Alright, this is a really common game, so I'm not breaking creative ground here, but I just want to see if this can go anywhere. I'm going to start a story by writing a paragraph. Anyone can post a paragraph, keep it serious, and let's see what we can do.

It was Kurt's last day at the store. He'd had a lot of memories working at the little antique store that was owned by his great aunt. He'd made friends, he'd grown into a man. The walls seemed to close in and embrace him as if they knew their little bird was leaving the roost, and they wanted to shower him with affection to know he was always welcome. After finishing up his tasks, he stepped out of the creaking wooden door and stared at the picturesque dusk sky, eclipsed by the skyscrapers across the river. Sighing, he turned and walked down the street, making his way to where he knew he could never escape.
The PulP


Since: 10-22-04
From: Columbus, GA

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Posted on 09-18-07 03:30 PM Link | Quote
The sun was compeletly gone by the time he reached his home. Tommorow he was leaving this place, possibly for good. Kurt already had his few belongings pack-up in boxes and sitting inside of his car. So he went inside and up to his room to sleep in it for the last time.

Zombie Marco

Since: 03-24-06

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Posted on 09-20-07 12:51 AM Link | Quote
But he couldn't sleep, much as he tried. It wasn't that he was tossing and turning, haunting memories racing through his brain, as one would expect, but just the opposite. Hey lay there, staring at his ceiling. No terrifying thoughts keeping him awake. No struggling for sanity. He just lay there, devoid of though, staring at the ceiling. But most defiantly awake.
The PulP


Since: 10-22-04
From: Columbus, GA

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Posted on 09-20-07 11:18 PM Link | Quote
Either by fate or chance he laid there awake. From outside he hears the sound of breaking glass. He jumps up and runs to the window looking out. He sees three people gathered around his car. Not thinking he runs downstairs and grabs his fathers pistol. He runs out side and shoots one in the head drenching his car in blood and brains. One of the theives takes off down the street, the other pull out his own gun and fires two shoots before being kill by Kurt. One of the shoots fired hit him in the shoulder while the other shattered a window and kill his mother who had gotten up to call the cops about the gun shoots. Kurt fainted shortly after from blood loss.
Dirk Ralthar


Since: 07-18-06
From: Malthar

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Posted on 09-20-07 11:38 PM Link | Quote
Kurt awakens to find himself in a hospital bed, his shoulder heavily bandaged. The sound of the hospital equipment is the only thing he can hear, except for the sounds of gunshots echoing in his mind. His father walked through the door, a grim expression on his face, burn scars on the left side from his days as a firefighter.
The PulP


Since: 10-22-04
From: Columbus, GA

Since last post: 5405 days
Last activity: 5382 days
Posted on 09-20-07 11:50 PM Link | Quote
He tries to sit up but the instant pain is crippling and he falls back to the bed. His father seeing his movement rushes to the bedside and starts crying. "Thank God your still alive. I though I was going to loose everything close to me in my life." As the father crys Kurt looks around and notices his mother is not there. "Dad," Kurt says, "Where is mom?" Instantly his father stiffens and then collapes crying on th bed next to Kurt.

EDIT: had to fix a spelling error i noticed. Sorry if any other words are misspelled.

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