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11-23-20 11:14 PM
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Is back!

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Posted on 08-09-07 02:29 PM Link | Quote
Lena wiped her hand through the air from head height to the floor, creating a large rift in front of her. She had just spent the last twenty two days in a world called Sfihna, the one place she felt safe and happy, and she was just returning back home to Earth. She stepped through the rift, reappearing just outside her house. She slowly opened the door and sneaked inside, and managed to get half way across the hall before her parents noticed her presence.
"Oh look what the cat dragged in," Lena's dad snarled.
"Where were you last night?" Her mother asked straight after. One day in Sfihna passes as one hour on Earth does, so in reality she's only been away for twenty two hours.
"I was round Sanigen's," She lied.
"Now you should have told us, you are grounded."
Lena made her way to her bedroom, slamming her door shut once she got in. She heard the muffled shouts of her parents saying something like "Don't slam your fucking door!" Lena instinctively pulled her wardrobe across her door, locked all her windows and closed her curtains. She wiped her hand across the air and stepped through a new rift, appearing a great deal away from her house.

She looked around the large mansion hidden deep in a forest and smiled. It was just as she left it. The mansion was a gift from Emperor Goldstone, the emperor of Sfihna, for her many good deeds in the land. She loved it, being so far away from anyone. She felt so good here, and so alone. Alone enough to safely release her captured Sfih creatures without them being seen. She released all four of her creatures (Well, three creatures and her brother), Splint, Sky, Amy and Sora, and they all relaxed.

After a long period of relaxation, Lena commanded her creatures back into their Spirit Orbs and was ready to leave. Just as she was about to step through the rift, she heard a loud noise in the second floor of the building. She closed the rift and crept through her house, made her way upstairs and swerved the corner at the top.
"What are you doing here!?" She asked loudly at the intruder standing in Splint's bedroom. "I suggest you get out now, or I'll have to fight you... I've got too much bottled up anger from my parents being dicks to be lenient with you."
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Open Challenge - Lena's Fury |

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