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11-23-20 10:59 PM
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Kaijin Surohm
Living the dream

Since: 08-16-04

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Posted on 08-08-07 12:05 AM Link | Quote
A fight between me and Nelrith. This fight is a special fight that we have agreed on. Roughly 99% of the Sim Battling Rules shall be ignored for the duration of this fight.

For all of thoes who have been curious as to what Kaijin is exactly capable of, what his secrets are, how to kill him, and how to just over all learn to fear, keep a close eye on this fight.

Shall the fear of Death overwhelm you...

The Limiters Have Been Removed.


He stood silently as he awaited the response of his foe Nelrith. His sharp smile acrossed his lightly scared face, his fangs bared through the wicked grin, and his eyes yellow with sickening power. For the first time in his fighting history, he was allowed to fight at his maximum strength, allowed to govern every ability he had freely. He shall show Death what to Fear.

He crossed his arms over his enchanted Kevlar vest, from which was overlapped by his torn up black trench coat that hung loosely around his body. Blood stained into the edges of the coat itself giving it a murderous look. Humor and glee overwhelmed him as he stood gitty within his blood red boots, covering the lower half of his enchanted Kevlar pants.

He would take a quick glance around the arena from which they stood. But a feeling deep within his very soul told him soon it wouldn't matter where they are.

Super Shotgun

Since: 01-11-05

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Posted on 08-10-07 12:47 AM Link | Quote
Kaijin's oppenent appeared about 80 meters in front of him. He wore a white tuxedo with a black tie, with his white hair slicked back behind his pointed ears. His skin was pale, but not nearly as pale as the vampire's.

"You have something of mine, Kaijin. I want it back. I'll have you know my name, maybe as to spark a memory. Most know me as Alkanphel, at least on this realm."

He searched Kaijin's mind for a moment and realized that he would never part with it.

"Hmm, I thought as much, stubborn as always. I'll just have to take it from you!"

Alkanphel didn't make a sound as he hurtled toward the vampire with blinding speed, reaching him in less than a heartbeat. He hovered above the ground, flying somewhat, with a red and yellow aura around him. As he neared the vampire, he shot a beam of disintegrating energy from his palm, ready to destroy the vampire to regain his relic. The relic is what gave the vampire his terrifying power, so there was no wonder Alkanphel wanted it back!
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Limiters Removed |

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