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03-27-23 10:06 PM
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A big rewrite that took me an hour or two to finish... Only includes general information and a brief history of her creation. No ability info yet.

Name: Teundusia
Age: 8/16/18/25 (Depending which version of her I want to use at the time)
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Cross breed between two alien races, called the Delumi and the Erumi.
Appearance: Teundusia was created as a weapon for use by the Space Marines, and she needed to be able to blend in with the humans to help protect her identity. (This of course failed when she turned psychotic.)

8 years old: She has the appearance of a human, showing no resemblance to her father species, the Delumi (Who are very Praying Mantis looking in appearance). She looked like the Erumi, her mother species, but that was only because the Erumi look identical to humans. At this age, however, she did not even have the average Erumi growth rate, being only around three feet and two inches tall. She always wore the Erumi 'uniform' her creators gave her at a young age, consisting of a purple coloured shirt with silver strips going up the arms, a purple skirt held up with a strip of silver metal and purple tights. Yeah, very purpley and silvery.

16, 18 and 25 years old: She obviously retained her human appearance. She now also shows a little more resemblance to the Erumi due to her high growth rate (Being 6' 6” at age 16, 6' 9” at age 18 and 7' 8” at 25). At this age she always wore the bronze-coloured Space Marine battle suit, which covers nearly all her body except the head, and even then once it fully activates it covers most of that too, except her eyes.

All ages: She has dark blue eyes and long blonde hair, although each incarnation has slightly longer hair than the last. She can cause two titanium-looking blades to eject from her forearms, following the traditional weapons of the Delumi race. Her eye colour turns green whenever she uses Erumi Magic.

Brief History: Teundusia was created to be the Space Marine's first alternative to nuclear weaponry. Due to laws in place to stop genetic experimentation on any 'intelligent' alien creature, a group of Space Marines used a loop hole and travelled back in time to 2012 where they used Erumi and a Delumi subject DNA from the Great Space War of 2012 to create the creature. Her name comes from two Erumi words, Teuni meaning “strong” and Dusia meaning “girl”.

Teundusia learnt from the Space Marines very quickly, learning how to control her actions and how to speak at only three months of age. Within two years she was already learning about her Erumi side's ability to fly and their control of an energy called Erumi Magic, and how to control her Delumi side's psychic powers.

Her life was pretty good, although she got very bored of the routine filled day with loads of test which did hurt her quite a bit, and she developed quite serious claustrophobia from one test after a crash in the computer systems trapped her in a very small box for three days. At the age of eight, during one test, she let out a huge blast of energy which wiped out nearly every Space Marine in the facility she was kept at, including blasting large holes in most of the walls. She was never allowed to venture to the outside before, and the large men holding stun enabled batons did scare her a little bit. She looked at the many dead and a few unconscious Space Marines, then looked outside. She made her decision, and in her opinion it was the greatest decision she ever made.

She absolutely loved it outside. She was free to fly as fast and as freely as she wanted. The constant regime of an hours sleep followed by six hours of enduring tests, a fifteen minute break with a light snack, another eight hours of experiments, a thirty minute main meal break, a further eight hours of tests and finally a fifteen minute snack break before her next rest. True, her body quite happily lived with the pressure, having been designed to be able to go for weeks without rest or food, but she loved being able to get more than an hours rest without 22 hours of hard work. She loved the various food that littered the trees, especially the leaves. After a few days of staying near the facility, she tried a long distance flight, finding it incredibly easy after having a decent supply of food, water and rest.

After roughly half an hours flying, she found a large city called New York. A few people found it a little creepy when she landed, but most just thought it was an Erumi visiting Earth, albeit a very short Erumi. She tried to stay in more open areas due to her claustrophobia, which was quite difficult in some parts of New York with the crowds and traffic, but still possible. She entered a thin alleyway after being called by a couple of large men. Being the naive eight year old she was, with no knowledge of this kind of thing, she happily walked in. She was told to follow the men into a building, and the moment the door closed one man grabbed her and threw her half way across the quite large room. The other locked the door and they both moved towards Teundusia, who was now feeling scared. Her psychic powers allowed her to read the minds of the men, and from their thoughts she knew what they wanted was a bad thing. She shouted “Step back! Let me go and you'll live!”, but the men didn't worry, not knowing who she was. She screamed and let out a large blast of Erumi Magic, injuring both men.

They cried in pain as they fell, and something about their cries appealed to Teundusia. She fired more Erumi Magic at them, causing them to cry even more, until they stopped moving. She figure they had died, however her Delumi instincts began to show. A Delumi's instinct is to kill, and that mixed with the human emotion of enjoyment didn't prove to be too good to humankind. Teundusia left the building and began torturing more people in as many ways as she could think of. She slowly burnt people with fire abilities, slowly crush people with various objects, slowly cut through people's bodies with her blades etc.

It wasn't long after she revealed herself that she was found by the few remaining Space Marines that were merely knocked out. They were now in very large battle suits, and they took Teundusia down very quickly. When Teundusia woke, she was back in her prison, which was slightly smaller and much better built. The first thing she got to greet her when she got up was one Space Marine who grabbed her and chucked her across the room, causing her to slam into the wall very hard. She tried to fight back, but she was no match for the heavily armoured guard. They had changed their tactics from being somewhat caring and considerate to being brutally harsh, and it worked.

Over the next couple of years, Teundusia became utterly frightened of the Space Marines. They beat her regularly, whenever she refused to do something. Her reward for following orders was she wasn't beaten as hard or for a shorter period of time. It eventually got to the point where her body had actually learnt to receive the pain before the Space Marines hit her. Everyday she woke up to a Space Marine slamming her face into the wall or a fist almost entering her stomach. She stopped speaking, unless she was told to. She never disobeyed an order. She did, however, secretly recognize patterns in the Space Marine's routines, and this, after many years of waiting, allowed her to escape.

She had been waiting to escape, wishing every day that the Space Marines would leave a gap in their patrols just when she was being escorted. Just one little gap that allowed her to steal a battle suit. This gap opened, right on her sixteenth birthday, and she took the chance that she might be killed, or worse. With all her waiting and planning, her escape went flawlessly. She stole the prototype Space Marine Mark IV battle suits and using the superior technology with her abilities exterminated the entire facility. Having not spoken for so long, she had largely forgotten a lot of the English language, so she couldn't make any snappy phrases like “Be grateful I didn't torture you to death.”

She fled up to the Earth's atmosphere and created a small home constructed entirely of ice which orbits the Earth. She regularly has nightmares of the Space Marines and the horrible things they did to her. After such dreams she takes out her anger on the innocent humans below, none of them ever experiencing the cruelness she did, some of them possibly bearing the child of the people that later in the time line become the very same people who hurt Teundusia so much. It was two long years for planet Earth. It was labelled as one of the Earth's darkest moments, with people randomly being killed, tortured, injured, Teundusia releasing her fury on the human's world. After two years, a mysterious figure appeared, one who tried to help.

This person was also a Space Marine. He is one of the Space Marines' greatest warriors, and possibly the only one who could stop Teundusia. His mission was not to kill her, as the Space Marines deemed her too important to kill. He was sent to help her calm down and lose some of the Delumi instinct that pretty much forces her to kill and enjoy killing.

It took two attempts, the first ending in Teundusia getting away leaving a small village half devastated. The second attempt succeeded, with a more wordy fight, and ending in Teundusia changing her view of the human race. She temporarily joined the Space Marines, being forced to perform good deeds to the people she devastated in the past. Very few people liked her, but she accepted that very well, and she completed the hundred good deeds required as part of a contract she made with the Space Marines and the InterGalactic Police Department. She was now free from them, free to roam Earth, although the contract is broken if she breaks any of Earth's laws.

Soon after this event, she decided to check out the two planets that her parent races came from. She wasn't able to visit the Delumi planet for long due to her Erumi-looking body, with the two different races being at war. The Erumi were a lot more considerate however, and soon after her arrival, Teundusia was arranged an audience with the king of the Erumi, sir Sybur himself. For the first time ever, Teundusia felt something she'd never felt before, Sybur feeling the same way. Despite the fact they looked completely human with a little extra height, something appealed to Teundusia about what the Erumi were. Perhaps it was the fact that there had never been any Erumi who trapped her and beat her for five or six years straight.

The news quickly spread across the Erumi planet that Sybur may have finally found the girl to become his new queen, and this soon leaked to Earth, although the news wasn't as much appreciated there. It did make Alex Daniels happy to see something good happened to Teundusia, but he was about the only person it pleased on Earth.

After a few months of dating, Sybur and Teundusia became Kopmae (Roughly translates to “got married” in English). She was crowned the new Queen of the Erumi, which didn't have as much to do as she thought. She was still allowed to roam freely around the streets, and she could travel around as much as she wished. No stupid rules stopping her from doing the things she wanted to.

The marriage also helped towards changing her opinion of the human race. At first, she was forced to be incredibly kind towards the humans, being the Erumi's closest allies, but eventually Teundusia turned very considerate towards them. She managed to get along with them a lot more and even 'hung out' with some on occasions. She does spend a lot of time traveling between the human and the Erumi planet, mostly on business but sometimes for mere fun, just to meet some more people.

Now, at the age of twenty five, she's still married to Sybur, she spends a lot of time helping Erumi children develop and control their abilities of flight and the use of energy, she has become very well known for better things than her killing spree (Which has been forgotten by a lot of humans) and spends her life very happily.

There have been instances throughout her life however where she got into big fights with powerful people and creatures. Thus begins the part of her life that will fill up whenever she gets into a sim battle.

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