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04-02-23 12:58 AM
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True Flight

The One

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Posted on 07-27-07 07:27 AM Link | Quote
Alyssa just stuck close to Aiden continually shooting demons. Then it hit her. She looked over to see a demon toppled ontop of a child. Her eyes thinned as she ran up to the demon that was trying to eat the little one and knocked it away. The child got up and ran off.

The demon ran right at her and tackled her down. She wiggled and moved so that the demon wouldn't eat her. Her thoughts began to change from I gotta get this thing off of me to survival. She smirked again. "I don't know what your problem is..." She said finally. "But Alyssa's not going to be eaten by you... You got it? She punched the demon and threw it off her flying getting up and began shooting it. She ran over to the child and threw him at his mother. "GO! Before things really get fun!

She began to shoot off every demon on her own and ran off. "This is too much... Who ever made a full on attack someone is really good... tactically." All of a sudden a fellow shoulder grabbed her arm and she turned around with a knife and held it to his throat. "You're dead too..." She said inching the blade closer. "You're unfit to survive."


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Posted on 08-01-07 10:05 PM Link | Quote
Chris noticed the little lady struggling. So he decided to put her down.

"Now, will you behave and follow the chief where he's leading us or am I going to have to carry you there?"

This girl was cute, but Chris knew not to get his feelings wrapped up with people after Shadowfall, life was too easily taken.

Paco followed the group leaving the bank and heading towards where they were being directed. Keeping an ever-watchful eye for a pretty lady, he walked calmly and coolly, just because he could.
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