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10-19-21 07:38 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - 12 year old girl punished for something so small | |
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#1 Enhancement Shaman US Ravenholdt

Since: 09-05-04
From: His Laughin' Place

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Posted on 07-13-07 07:39 PM Link | Quote

Honestly, I dont think she should have been punished THAT badly for writing "I love Alex" on a wall, but seriously, thats too much of a punishment.
Leon D. Sagara

Zombie Tarma
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Since: 08-18-04
From: To Hell and Back

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Posted on 07-13-07 08:04 PM Link | Quote
((Comments are required from me))


..... WHAT THE F$^*(&N SHIT is that all about. thats a load of crap, its a little ink on a wall that is probably meaningless........ Our world ladies and Gentlemen.

Thats pretty shitty for a 12 year old to go through.

Since: 01-22-05
From: The restaurant at the end of the universe....

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Posted on 07-13-07 08:06 PM Link | Quote
That is pretty bad. I mean, it was magic marker. Just make the kid wash it off and give her detention. That punishment was way harsh.

I remember writing my crushes name in a big heart like that.
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Posted on 07-13-07 09:34 PM Link | Quote
That's fucking retarded and once again makes me question where we're going.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus

High Xeodent of Xeomerica.

Since: 10-29-04
From: North Carolina, United States. World, Sol System, milky way

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Posted on 07-13-07 09:46 PM Link | Quote

I'm glad I don't have to go to public school, if they deal out punishments in that way, I would have died years ago...


Since: 11-06-05

Since last post: 5042 days
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Posted on 07-13-07 09:53 PM Link | Quote
That is full of fail. I've never seen such a ridiculous sentence as this. I mean that's either a really strict school or the principal is a dumbass.

Divine Mamkute
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Ms. Invisable

Since: 08-15-04
From: Ferelden

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Posted on 07-14-07 02:02 AM Link | Quote
... That is retarded. You don't seen a kid to a school for criminals because she drew a heart on the wall! I'd say switch school districts after this. Imagine what the high school must be like.


Since: 07-24-06

Since last post: 4975 days
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Posted on 07-14-07 02:27 AM Link | Quote
Well, I wouldn't say it's okay, since she did know it's vandalism. And forget public school, private schools might be more touchy about vandals. The private school I went to might not expel someone fitting this profile, but they'd get a pretty hefty punishment.
Also, related article: "Missing 12-Year-Old Girl Found Dead." :O

Medicine Melancholy
My life may be lonely sometimes, even with my beloved family.

Since: 02-16-07
From: Hunts Point Bronx, New York

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Posted on 07-14-07 02:26 PM Link | Quote
I'd say it's still vandalism. People should have punishments the same laws. People not just vandalize public schools, but other parts of the public areas.

She deserves to be punished for doing that kind of bullshit.
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Since: 10-03-04
From: Azul Lux Orbital, Kirin Beta

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Posted on 07-14-07 03:52 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by insectduel
I'd say it's still vandalism. People should have punishments the same laws. People not just vandalize public schools, but other parts of the public areas.

She deserves to be punished for doing that kind of bullshit.

And here's someone who apparently did not fully read the article or this thread. No one's arguing that she shouldn't be punished, most of us are arguing that the punishment was far too extreme.

(Last edited by Vidar on 07-14-07 06:53 PM)

Is back!

Since: 10-01-04
From: Stafford, UK

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Posted on 07-14-07 04:39 PM Link | Quote
"But in a statement, the Katy school district defended its actions, saying, "It is always our practice to follow the law and policy while looking out for what is in the best interest of the individual student and the district as a whole." "

Hah... Ah hahahahah... Yeah, four months disciplinary program for such a small piece of graffiti is in the best interest of the individual in question? It might interest the other students as they think "SHIT SHIT DON'T GET CAUGHT DON'T GRAFFITI!!!" constantly... But that punishment is WAY too harsh...
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Since: 08-17-04

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Posted on 07-14-07 05:27 PM Link | Quote
To add to the sentiment that pretty much everyone else has expressed, that is indeed ridiculous. The fitting punishment would be to scrub it off (or paint over it), and possibly serve detention, not what she was dealt.

Sign of the times, I suppose. Times that aren't so rosy.


Since: 12-17-04
From: Petaluma, California

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Posted on 07-15-07 12:45 AM Link | Quote
I agree that the punishment is far to extreme. Just make her clean all the graffiti off the walls or re-paint them maybe. Sending her to disciplinary school is way to much for that. I know a kid that got caught spray painting and he didn't get sent to a disciplinary school.

Fox of all Foxes

Since: 06-13-07
From: Washington

Since last post: 4972 days
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Posted on 07-16-07 01:45 PM Link | Quote
Yeah that is WAY too extreme of a punishment for something as small as that. People should be focusing on and punishing the ones who were making terrorist threats that they mentioned.

Jeeze I see a bunch of graffiti way worse than that all the time where I live.

Super Shotgun

Since: 01-11-05

Since last post: 710 days
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Posted on 07-16-07 02:58 PM Link | Quote
A little extreme, yes. But I'll bet that she'll never do that again! Also, they probably did it so others will see the penalty and won't do it themselves.

But to THAT extremity?
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - 12 year old girl punished for something so small |

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