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09-30-23 05:03 AM
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Fox of all Foxes

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I had a little trouble with my layout so I wanted to make a new thread so I hope the first one gets deleted. -__-

I did this a very very long time ago and forgot about it till now. Does it seem okay to make more to it or does it need revisions?

It was noon and the bright, summer sky was quickly turning dark with storm clouds that were rolling in with the strengthening wind. Soon a gigantic mass of clouds known as a cumulonimbus was hovering over a wide and very healthy green valley. This valley was covered by a thick coat of waist high grass growing in every niche and cranny. Everywhere except the spot where the center of the forming storm was located. This particular spot was just bare earth like a balding spot on a human head.

Soon all of the tall grass around the bare spot was flattened from the force of the wind, and the whole valley was filled with water from the torrent of rain falling down from the clouds. Each wave of rain seemed to follow the beat of the booming of the thunder and the sharp crack of the lightning. If anyone in the surrounding country village had dared to come out of their homes during this storm then they would be able to see a faint shimmer of green light getting brighter and brighter from the water of the puddles in the spot in the valley where no grass had ever grown for hundreds of years as far as the people of the town could tell.

The shimmering light grew as the amount of falling rain increased. All of the puddles were now glowing a green so bright that they were almost white when suddenly the rain let up and the thunder and lightning died down. The storm vanished just as quickly and unexpectedly as it had come. Now there were very few of the dark clouds left which were at once blown away by the dying wind, and the sky itself, now visible, was darkening as the sun was setting.

There was a foreboding feeling in the streets left by the unexpected storm. A storm such as the one that had just passed had not ever been witnessed before. It was a dark omen for the people in the village.

That night was the most quiet night the people had ever experienced. Usually there would be dogs barking, cat fighting, or crickets making their little violin songs. But tonight there was none of that. The night was completely silent.

The next morning continued to be unusual. There was an unusually large amount of commotion in the streets. People were more jumpy than usual because of last night’s storm, and that caused more accidents and more pushing and shoving to get newspapers, food supplies and everything else someone would need for their usual morning rush in the various stores located in the village.

In one particular store a woman was screaming about having unknowingly purchased an apple with a worm in it. “Calm down ma’am!” The young woman behind the counter shouted while putting her hands over her ears “we don’t take already purchased items back!” The woman looked livid for a second like she was about to throw the fruit into the woman behind the counter’s face, but then exited the shop with a loud “Hmpf!” The woman behind the counter banged her fist against the counter startling other customers “why that stuck up little…”

“Alice! Watch your language with customers around will you?” An aged man walked in from a door also located behind the counter. He was dressed in his shop’s uniform of a dark blue material consisting of a sleeveless shirt and a black pants. On his shirt was a name tag that said ‘James Lothel-Manager’

“I’m sorry grandfather.” Alice said.

There isn't really too much to it either.

(Last edited by Fennicy on 06-28-07 09:17 PM)
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