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11-23-20 11:24 PM
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Posted on 06-22-07 01:58 PM Link | Quote
(ooc: This is an open challenge to fight my new character, Jia - Light armoured warrior from the InterGalactic Police Department - and her electronic assistant, Teban. In fact, this should be the start of a new story arc of characters, based off of the police introduced in the Mutant Outbreak role play.)

Jia Myapo, a young alien girl working for the I.G.P.D, had just finished her patrol of New Inald (A country of New Earth). She was one of the Udanians, a race of aliens that have been in alliance with the I.G.P.D. for centuries. Their bodies are pretty much humanoid, although they only have four fingers and toes, all of them had VERY pale pink skin, most commonly have natural green hair and have two tentacles hidden in their backs which can extend to a length of thirty metres. Jia was the typical Udanian creature.

Her I.G.P.D. light armour uniform gleamed brightly in the hot sun of New Earth. Well, it's called armour, Jia just calls it a uniform with a little soft padding to survive impact damage a little. On it was a holster for her Battle Pistol and across her back were two long blades, merely a tradition of the Udanians to wear them. Along her arm was a small electrical device, housing her assistant and best friend, Teban, and gave her access to the rest of her arsenal.

Like usual, her patrol seemed pretty pointless. She would have to spend another two days travelling back to her home planet after having caught no criminals. She headed towards her ship, feeling pretty down. However, on her way, Teban suddenly spoke up.

Teban: “Jia!” He said in his child-like voice, “I've detected high amounts of power in your immediate area!”
Jia's senses sparked up too, causing her to instinctively draw her Battle Pistol. She held it to her shoulder defensively, slowly turning around. Half way, she snapped her body to come face to face with someone, and she could tell this was the person Teban was talking about. Something seemed odd... Something that made Jia feel she would finally get some action.
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