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08-13-22 04:54 AM
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Ball and Chain Trooper

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Posted on 05-31-07 11:45 PM Link | Quote
I really had no idea. I was bored today browsing some youtube videos and somehow eventually ended up here. I downloaded practically everything mentioned in that topic and a lot of these games are incredible, and I've never even heard of them!

I think its time to build up my Genesis collection. Seems like a lot of these games sold poorly and are extremly cheap too.

Must Haves:

Musha Aleste
Thunder Force III
Thunder Force IV
Elemental Master
Eliminate Down
Super Fantasy Zone (best Fantasy Zone game, IMO)
Steel Empire
Twinkle Tale
Undead Line

Toaplan Shooters:

These are all great, except Kyuukyoku Tiger which is an inferior port.

Kyuukyoku Tiger
Same! Same! Same!
Slap Fight
Zero Wing

Worth checking out:

Aero Blasters
Atomic Robo-Kid
Battle Mania
Battle Mania Daiginjoh
Crying/Biohazard Battle
Fire Mustang
Granada X
Super Airwolf
Task Force Harrier EX
Vapor Trail

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Since: 10-23-04
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Posted on 06-04-07 07:55 PM Link | Quote
I recently purchased for my Genesis Fire Shark (Same! Same! Same!, thank you Toaplan, and thank Dreamworks for bringing it to the US), I used to be able to 1 credit to stage 8 of the first loop (the game never truly ends, typical Toaplan) and broke the 1 million mark a few times. Sadly I took a break from it and my game really suffered, I can't do worth a damn in it unless I start practicing again.

The one on MAME hopefully gets sound soon as the soundtrack for the arcade version sounds a bit better than the Genesis soundtrack.

As for Kyukyoku Tiger, it may be inferior, but it still kicks all sorts of ass.

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Xeogaming Forums - Classic Gaming - Wow, the Genesis has a ton of amazing shmups |

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