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11-26-20 07:57 AM
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Since: 08-14-04

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Posted on 04-23-07 03:48 PM Link | Quote
Just a friendly match.
No God-Mod.

A platform exists in the middle of an unknown dimension. The environment is completely dark, a void, not even single ray of light shines on this forbidden arena. Soon, the pure darkness became warded off by the mysterious blue flame surrounding the platform’s edge. Light filled back in, and the platform is perfectly flat, with no rocks or anything that would harm any feet that lay on this ground. It seem like blood are laminated on the ground, but the air only smells of Japanese Cherry Blossom. The arena itself is the gate between heaven and hell.

Nathan sighed as he stood still on the area. He was sleepy and felt like he needs to take a nap but as he examined the arena, he thought of something. Is this a dream? He has no way of knowing but if he would cut his hand with his dagger, he feared that someone of evil heart would licks it off. Nathan wasn’t so lucky when he faced something new, a supernatural.

Nathan fixed his brown hairs, which did him no good. He got a worst case of morning hair, and his face seems to be tired at the moment. When in doubt of correcting mistakes, use the hair gels, he thought. Nathan searched for his pouch and found it at the back of his hip, slightly above the buttock. Reaching inside, he felt some unfamiliar things he never had in there. A pointy object, bandages, something made of paper… Ah, a tube! Nathan immediately pulled out a tube, which said: “Hair gels.”

“Excellent. What I need.”

Upon using it, Nathan fixed his hair which he wanted to look like. He usually visualizes his appearance by closing his brown eye and using himself as an image in his mind. After his hair fixed, Nathan looked around and wondering what he is doing here. After all, in every dream, there must be a purpose to it. But if this is a dream, why does he feel that it is real and not a nightmare?

“Only times can tell…”
This isn't about you and your loud mouth,
This is about me and my fucking beard.

Since: 08-29-04
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Posted on 04-27-07 01:41 PM Link | Quote
Clash was confused. Apparently his dimension hopping had gotten him into trouble again. He was in the gateway between and Heaven and Hell, and he wasn't alone.

"Hey, who are you?!"

Clash drew his long sword, afraid of an attack. He was confused and disoriented, to be sure.

Since: 08-14-04

Since last post: 89 days
Last activity: 89 days
Posted on 04-28-07 11:48 PM Link | Quote
Nathan gave a deep sigh, the expression of curiosity and rudeness gloomed over his face. The unknown guy with a long sword came out of nowhere, demanding his opponent’s name, and ready to attack Nathan at any moments soon. Nathan regains his thought before getting any idea or jumping to conclusion about this new person.

“You know what you did is rude… I suggest acting friendlier or wait until something seems to awaken your instinct to fight…” Nathan said. “Not everyone will response to that…”

“Welcome, soldiers.” A loud unknown voice boomed over the area. “Welcome to the arena of dark and light, of time and fate, of life and death… You are to fights until one side either gives up or unable to fight… But beware, for if one is to be killed, that person’s soul will be taken away and the body will be forced to do my bidding. I’m also aware that humans such as yourself tends to outthink us, but by all no means you should quit before the battle begin.”

Nathan stared coldly at Clash. Apparently, this battle isn’t like any before. All he has to do is survive, not die. It doesn’t matter if he gave up or not, as long as he is in the living.

“Sorry man… But you know how it goes, right?” Nathan gave a slight spark of interests of his opponent.
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