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11-23-20 10:37 PM
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This isn't about you and your loud mouth,
This is about me and my fucking beard.

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Posted on 04-21-07 02:44 PM Link | Quote
OOC: For Xeios only.

The world felt cold to Clash. He sat on the dirty ground, fiddling with a knife. The wind was warm, but the gray storm clouds overhead made everything darker, and thus colder. Clash sat next to one of the many cliffs encompassing the Bluffs of Despair, a place where countless warriors have come to fight and die. He felt the history of the battles around him, like the spirits of the dead still faught about him.
He was tired of being hunted by weak bounty hunters, so he came to the Bluffs, knowing only the most powerful and most insane would come here to bring him in. Ever since the day he threw his future away to save many others', he had been chased through countless countries. He had even been hunted by extraterrestrial beasts. He don't know what seemed to make him the ultimate prey, but he was tired of it.
He was going to find someone to help him, help him be rid of the endless chase for all eternity.

And destiny appeared to be on his side. He felt a bright light his back, and he rose, grabbing his long sword and bo staff.

"Another come for my head?"

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Posted on 04-24-07 12:37 AM Link | Quote
"Only if you are to give it. I come seeking a challenge, it may not end in bloodshed, that is for our weapons to decide."

White stood tall, sunlight at his back, or what appeared to be sunlight rather. His white tabard over his bare chest flowed in the wind. In the center, about where his sternum was located, was a simple cross, painted in red. White raised his hand to the heavens and a light called down into his hand, revealing a pearl-poled spear, tipped in a deep crimson. A weapon of the vengeful lord.

"Sir, if you are to be so kind as to make the first move, I have walked a long way and am tired."
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