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Real name Romar 
Location Passing through the stars 
Birthday Thursday, July 14, 1988 (34 years old) 
User bio Sim-battle character(s):

Scy is a tall figure perhaps 6'2'' and has long hair (about 3ft long) which is tied back with a scorpion medallion.He is a master ninja and samurai. However in the begining of his career he worked as a necromancer and during an incantation him and a netherworld daemon were fused to become one person, the only noticeable difference is he has three long skeletal whips protruding from his back. His abilities focus on speed, precise strikes and all forms of high magic (which he is naturally attuned to due to the fact of the demons soul trapped within him) .

His katana is a fitted specifically for his body giving him optimal reach for minimal effort, His second main blade is a wakizashi also fitted for his body giving optimal balance and precision. Each blade has been coated and recoated with a specially designed poison to quickly seep into an opponents blood stream and render them paralyzed permanently. The blades glow a sickly green due to the high content of poison. No one else can touch the blades due to thier high poison content, if they are weilded by another opponent they make acid like burns into an opponents palms. His final blade is the one that is strapped behind his back, a great broadsword it is a magical blade that is dedicated to its user and only its user. Anyone who touches the blade besides scy is immediatly sent to the home of the demons who had created the sword, and will be tortured for 1000 years, with no chance of escape. It is an unbreakable beast, a mammoth of swords, the blade has been warped by fire of the demons of his clan. It can create a massive ammout of fire around itself making those who go near it want to get away as quick as possible.

He dons a specifically designed armor fitted perfectly to his body allowing him to move freely without any hinderence to his blade arms, its design is similair to ancient japanese samurai armor. His shoulder pads have large skulls on them fitted for his shoulders it allows for defense and a perfect scare tactic for certain enemys. His blades hang neatly on his left side for quick reach with his obviously dominant right hand. There are dozens of daggers ranging from 3'-12' long strapped around each of his thighs giving him ample opprotunity to just reach down and throw a dagger right into an opponents face. The daggers are permantently enchanted to return at scys demand regardless of the situation

He also carries several containers and pouches that contain poisons and foams to harm or to hinder his enemy. When Scy permanently wears a blank porcelin mask to hide his face from his enemy 

Sample post

Female Zombie

Since: 08-14-04
From: Passing through the stars

Since last post: 5265 days
Last activity: 4472 days
Posted on 12-31-69 04:00 PM
" Send Me Over the Stars

Immortilize Me

Originally posted by Genocyber
A sample quote, with a link, for testing your layout.
(sample text)


User Comments
Cteno: Happy fucking birthday Mason! (if you'll ever read this, that is!)
Cteno: Damn... I wanna play DnD!
FX: j00r layout is too tall
Cteno: He was logged in in my computer xP
Cteno: xD omg, that was me \/
Genocyber: ..... That was fast.....
Banned: BRAR!
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