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09-23-23 04:54 PM

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I figured that maybe if I added some mood music, my profile would be a little bit more kicking rad. What do you think?

Your result for The "How Otaku Are You?" Test...

Obviously Otaku

You scored 74 in the relm of Otaku! Nice job.

You're very, very otaku! Like, super otaku. You know obscure facts, and normal stuff. You've at least thought about cosplay. You own several boxes of pocky. You can name Clamp titles off the top of your head.

You're weird.

Aprox. number of Miyazaki movies you've watched: all of them.
Amount of Pocky you've eaten: 20-80

Take The "How Otaku Are You?" Test
at HelloQuizzy

I stole this out of that Kyoku guy's profile. An okay quiz. Some of the questions were really dumb though, the "what're hiragana" one. The choices are like: 1. Japanese alphabet for Chinese words, 2. Japanese alphabet for native words, 3. What does this have to do with being an otaku, 4. I don't know. Now I just answered 3, because it seemed like the least stupid option. I believe the answer that it was looking for was 2, but it's not like you use them exclusively to write native Japanese words, Kanji are used as well. True that there are some animals and plants native to Japan that aren't native to China, however there actually are some Kanji that are of Japanese origin, they're called Kokuji. Look it up. Then also the fact that the quiz didn't really have any questions about anything even remotely obscure. All of the questions that asked questions relating to anime, were asking questions about only very popular things: Bleach, Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, all of which are series that have not only been licensed and translated into English but have also actually been aired on American television (specifically Cartoon Network, ugh) My point is that it's not a very accurate probing of one's power level, so to speak. Oh well, whatever. Oh yeah, also; Miyazaki is good but grossly over-rated. I mean, there are actually other Ghibli films that didn't involve him, believe it or not. Ocean Waves (海が聞こえる/Umi ga Kikoeru) which just happens to be one of my favourites, is a good example. If you haven't seen it, I would recommend checking it out. Well that's it for now. I just kind of felt like ranting about that, so I decided to do it here. Bro out. 

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Since: 03-13-09

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Posted on 12-31-69 04:00 PM
Originally posted by chuu~
A sample quote, with a link, for testing your layout.
(sample text)

User Comments
Kyoku kun: Haha It's fine, I thought someone here was the a completely different gender for over a year.
chuu~: lol sorry about that, wasn't paying attention to the username colors
Kyoku kun: I also like the remix of Maria Holic you have.
Kyoku kun: Kyoku GUYS profile? Thank you very much, but I am female.
天国JOE: <-
Katana: Welcome though. ^_^ I like how straightforward you are. Hopefully we'll see you post a little more than you originally though. ^^;;;
Katana: Why not just say you don't care for Pocky because you just don't care for it. Saying you don't care for it for any other reason but that is rather silly.
insectduel: Me love anime too.
chuu~: double comment lol
chuu~: I forgot to say that I don't particularly care for Pocky either. Partially because I just hate being lumped together with all the "Otaku" types.
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