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12-04-23 07:40 AM

Dante Magus
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Personal information
Real name RJ 
Location Arizona 
Birthday Friday, September 2, 1988 (35 years old) 
User bio I come from MoD to see this board. I am good at RPing and am usually active in many at once. I am an OK sim battler.

1) Magus
2) Dante
3) Volt
4) Dameon
6) Stilen Kister

1) Magus
Magus is a gloomy character he rarely smiles unless he sees the pain of others. His past is full of misery. He was separated from his family, when he was but a young child, by a time warp. He traveled over a thousand years into the future where he met his first friend. His friend Ozzie was a Green Demon who was skilled in the art of magic and summoning. He trained with Ozzie to learn skills that he needed to survive in the new environment. Later on he met Slash the warrior of Sword with him he learned weapon combat for when magic was not enough. His next friend Flea was a true magician and he continued Magus’s training where Ozzie left off. With the finishing of his training Magus could perform a summoning, knew the basics of each elemental magic Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Lightning, and Shadow, and he was a good fighter with his choice weapon the scythe. Magus and his friends began to round up other creatures to join him in the purifying of the planet. Magus and his minions built a castle unreachable by anyone who did not know the entrance spell. His plan did have a flaw during the purification process a band of ‘Heroes’ stopped him part of the way through and beat his army. With the ‘Heroes’ intrusion Lavos caused a time portal to open and sent Magus to this new time where he still increases his skills so he knows beyond the basics.

0 charge time
Shadow Sphere- a ball of shadow magic that grows in strength and size as time passes the power of this attack is very small but if it has too much time can be rather devastating. The attack if it connects causes complete darkness to surround the enemy with an added cold chill from no sun and a small well of gravity to hold them still unless they are strong.

1 turn charge time
Lightning- lightning strikes out from in a + for up to 100 yards in each direction for a 360 degree rotation. This attack is even worse than real lightning because each of the four bolts have the power of lightning and when one hits the rest converge on the enemy.

Ice- Ice spreads out over 100 yard by 100 yard square any thing on the ground freezes over. The ice is very flat but every so often there are spikes sticking out in every direction.
(Note: during this attack I will make a diagram of the arena + is spike O is flat M is me. if you want to put a letter for you)

Fire- an explosion of fire at 410 degrees Fahrenheit over a 100 yard radius forming a crater equal to a semi-sphere(if the field is sandy the sphere is glass coated).

Water- 100 kiloliters of water form over Magus and crash down causing waves and flooding the field.

Earth- waves of Earth go out in all directions from Magus and only fall when they hit an object that is not earth. At this point the wave falls in the form of spikes and spreads out.

Wind- This Magic is a form of protection. When it is cast winds pick up and are at the mercy of Magus with this he can cause objects to leave their course, slow down the enemy, speed himself up, or cause tornados and hurricanes.

Multi turn charge time
Time Warp- Magus’s greatest attack when cast a blue circle forms in time at any size Magus Wishes. This portal appears at some other time in the exact same location. It will seem like no time at all for what is warped but time will pass for every thing else.

2) Dante
Dante is a half demon and human. His father Sparta was a demon who opposed the rest and began to banish them from the world but he was unable to complete this so he passed his sword and guns down to Dante. Dante continued where his father left off but he had a strange way to help people he would flip a coin if heads he would help if tails it was there problem. Through his adventures he has 4 different swords, a pair of hand guns, a rocket launcher, a sawed off shot gun, and duel Uzis.

0 charge time
Devil Trigger- A boost in all of Dante’s power and status as he activates his devils blood. In Devil trigger Dante fires electric balls of energy at a rapid fire motion from his hands. His sword becomes a boomerang with an elemental power. Also he slowly regains his full power during the Devil Trigger.

Super Devil Trigger- The same as Devil Trigger except this only occurs when Dante is close to his death. His power and status are boosted even higher and he still heals. His energy balls are now charged up and more powerful but fire at a slower speed.

3) Volt
Volt is a man of complete mystery his past has been erased from all data and systems. At one time he was human but now he is part machine. He appears to have been a bouncer at one time because of the gloves he wears. His arms are now very high tech machines he prefers to stick to regular fist fights but his arms are equipped with new weapons of his own design. His left eye is a multi-purpose sensor that detects things that are invisible to the normal eye or that are indecipherable. His brain is now a super computer with internet access. His chest and back are iron plated to prevent damage and his legs are designed to increase his speed and jumping ability beyond that of a human. His feet include rocket engines to allow flight and hover while his left arm is a gattling gun and 10 gauge shot gun. His right arm is able to send out four tentacles. The tentacles are controlled by Volt and are part of him. Volt also has the ability to genison unneeded parts as well as self destruct any part of him.

4) Dameon
Dameon has a shrouded past because he never lets anyone get near. His body is massive and he constantly trains to make it better. He has mastered any form of technique he has seen in physical fights and he is learning more magical attacks. He manly lives in the wild away from all human life and there machines that destroy this planet.

Earth control- Dameon is able to control the ground and rocks. He can form weapons and armor from this as well as turn the Earth into traps.

Final Fist- Dameon put all his power into one punch if it hits both fighters die if it misses Dameon immediately collapses and will not wake for 2 days.

Learning- self explanatory he learns the techniques he sees by using constant training

MDDV is a mystical being. He is a combinatio0n of Magus, Dante, Dameon, and Volt. He never appears the same because of his mystical powers make him determine who he looks like the most. MDDV also can use any technique he sees in battle at a later battle or adventure.

MDDV can use the techniques of all the fighters he is a combination of.

Annialation- A supreme move that causes MDDV to release all of his energy at once causing massive destruction and cause all that touch this wave to be destroyed instantly.

Merger- MDDV uses samples of all the people he has and clones them in his body and merges them. If this technique finishes MDDV releases a power beast that only listens to him. The beast has all the immunities of the people used to make it and all their powers.

Dante's sword- A blade handed down to him by his father. The blade has thousands of demon's blood on it. The blade can cut holes in dimensions and open up new worlds.

Diamond sword- An amazing blade of pure diamond formed from Earth and fire magic. This blade has the amazing ability to absorb any kind of magic or suck the energy out of a person or machine.
WARNING: only the hilt is a safe place to touch because of the rubber grip.

Kaijin’s power- a mysterious blue orb given to me by Kaijin himself. The orb contains a fraction of Kaijin’s power so it will never match his but give me weaker versions of his moves.

6)Stilen Kister
He is a well built man standing 5' 10" always wearing some form of mask, the mask can be as simple as a smily face to as detailed as a cerimonial Kitsune mask. His mental state is very questionable as he haunts the back alleyways for those wandering away from the well lit streets. his hair is spikey and purple and is the only feature you can tell about his head. Though his Body is well built he keeps it covered by a long sleeve jacket, which holds his weapons. His pants are Black jeans with red dragons running up each leg.

Pocket Knives: he carries an assortment of legal sized pocket knives varing from swithch blades and butterfly knives to swiss army knives. these are his main sorce of ranged attacks and his basic first choice.

Specialty Knives: These are combat oriented knives with hooked blades, special composites of metal for light weighted and balanced blades.

Katars: These unique blades offer Stilen techniques and fighting styles that differ from that of normal knife and hand to hand combat. these weapons usually have multiple blades and extra wristguards for better defence against weapons.

Blade Dimension: he creates portals around his hands to reach into an alternate dimension where he stores all of his extra blades (some of his jackets of this ability)

Poison: Do to years of preperation he has built up his bodies ability to whistand all poisons, venoms, and toxins, but his blood is now so thick wih such poisons it is instantly deadly to other individuals. (this include physical contact with his blood even after it has dried can cill most people [its like AIDS and Hepititus but worse.])

what will you be like 5 years from now? by Me
you will bethe gothic ruler of the world
will you be married?No but you will be happy
you will actlike a pervert
you will have this much money$999,999,999,999,999,999,999
you will try to kill yourself how many times?0
and last but not least...will you be happy?yes
Quiz by Me!

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Dante Magus

my title: pervert

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Dante Magus

"It is I who shall send thee to Damnation."

Dante Magus

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Originally posted by Dante Magus
A sample quote, with a link, for testing your layout.
(sample text)


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Elara: Where ever you are, happy birthday, man
Lord Vulkas Mormonus: Posibly put a scrollbar into your layout.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus: textbox I mean
Lord Vulkas Mormonus: I'd reccomend limiting the size of your text, and moving the guy over to the right.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus: That guy in the background of your layout makes it hard to read your posts.
Dante Magus: i am an old member from like before the xeogaming site was up
VGFreak877: Hey, how's it going Dante?
FX: and your layout is ridiculously tall
FX: how do you already have a custom title?
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