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07-01-22 04:44 AM

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July 12th, 2008:
Updated Board Accomplishments.
Reversed the order of the Profile Updates list, from starting with the oldest entries on top, to starting with the newest entries on top.
Replaced Tales of Destiny Director's Cut gameplay screenshots with Tales of Destiny Director's Cut Lion's Side boss videos.
Removed Tales of Destiny Director's Cut Premium Box picture.
Added Hi-ougi cut-in of Estelle from Tales of Vesperia to the top of my bio.

November 23rd, 2007:
Added Tales of Destiny Director's Cut Premium Box picture.
Added Tales of Destiny Director's Cut Logo picture.
Added Tales of Destiny Director's Cut gameplay screenshots.

November 17th, 2007:
Joined Xeogaming Forums.
Copied and modified bio from Nihongo Freak Forums.

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Here I will post some videos that I like from time to time.

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Mai Hoshimura - Sakura Biyori
Lucky Star Opening
Bleach - OP 6 - ALONES
Bleach - OP 3 - Ichirin no Hana
Younha - Houki Boshi
Tales of Symphonia PS2 Opening

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Posted on 12-31-69 04:00 PM
Originally posted by Aoimusha
A sample quote, with a link, for testing your layout.
(sample text)

Aoimusha Layout IV (V1.2)
Joined: 5339 days ago - User: 170 - Post: 3 - Post Rank: 464

User Comments
天国JOE: u so crzy
Aoimusha: Oops, sorry for the big comment, didn't realize how much I had typed. XD
Aoimusha: Yeah, I like both versions of ToD the most in the series, the PS1 version for the great old school RPG feel, and the PS2 remake because of all the new stuff, like the special dolls that let you change one character into another (you could have 4 Rutees in the party for instance), the epic bonus dungeon with Barbatos (possibly the most awesome Tales villain) at the end of it (I put a video I did of that fight in my bio, it's the 4th one down), the most advanced battle system in the entire Tales series so far (CC and Aerial combat FTW!), and much more. And, there's a Director's Cut Coming 01/31/2008 in Japan, which should blow the other versions of the game out of the water, it even has a "Lion's Side" mode where Lion Magnus (Leon in the ENG version) becomes the main character of the game! I can't wait for that. The games done by Team Destiny are my favorites, since they have the most innovation with the battle systems, like Destiny 2's SP, Enchant, and party/enemy zone systems, Rebirth's Force Cubes and 3-line battle system, and Destiny (PS2)'s CC, Aerial Combos, and extremely fast-paced battles. Yeah, I thought Symphonia was a good game (my very first Tales game also), but the plot was kind of cliche for me, and it's battle system was a step down (with the exception of adding pseudo-3D) from to the game that came directly before it, Tales of Destiny 2 (the PS2 one, not Eternia). But, despite being my least favorite in the main series, I still really liked ToS, it's a fun game, I'm thinking of playing the PS2 version soon.
True Flight: A tales of destiny fan. RAGH I liked the tales of syphonia better... Phantasia annoyed the crap outta me.
Aoimusha: Yeah, the frequency of fillers in this arch is kind of annoying... But, at least right now we're not in a filler season like before. (Though, I thought those fillers were better than many other anime fillers.)
天国JOE: try to add*...
天国JOE: Bleach Ending, yay! More fillers, boo. I hate how they have these flashback episodes for filler characters, to try and add emotion. Unfortunately for them, no one cares about filler characters. Because they don't matter. :P
Aoimusha: I mainly joined so I could make use of the Mark Forums Read feature and because a couple of people from NFF are here. However, if I see any posts that really interest me, I'll probably reply to them. Oh, and I just hadn't had the time to post an introduction yet. I'll make one as soon as I can. :) And thanks about the layout, I think it's my best one so far.
FX: I'd expect at least once, when they join.
FX: I don't get it. Why join and not make a single post?
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