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09-24-23 02:55 AM

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Registered on 09-23-05 11:01 PM (6574 days ago)
Last post 09-23-05 11:32 PM, in Naruto cosplay at the MCCC (Anime Lounge)
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Birthday Sunday, September 29, 1991 (31 years old) 
User bio I was an unknown warrior brought up from a land of great mystery. I scavaged the Earth to find a home. So far, I have found nothing but pain. My orignal name has never been said in the tounges of meir mortals. All humans call me Skye for I move gracefully like the wind.



Steel Fan- A sword as light as a feather, but distributes blows as strong as a tornado.

Air Blast- A blast of wind and air at the enemy from only the Steel-Fan.

Wind Shot- A sawed off double barrel shoutgun with the power like no other.
Wind Blast: This spell summons a blast of wind from the elemental planes to knock your enemy off his feet.(only with the Wind Shot)

Gust Longbow- A longbow that holds a lot of secrets about the past for Skye.
Shield Piercing Arrows: An arrow that with good accuracy can pierce a shield and pin the arm of the owner to the ground for 1 post.
Arows of Wind: Hand crafted and most used by Skye for they travel fast with the wind but low accuracy.

Special Abilities

Special Increases And Protection Spells:

Protect Wind: Improve Skye’s resistance to all elements for 1 post by casting a simple protection wind spell.

Air Armor: Creates auras of magical air that increases Skye’s resistance to all elements. This armor will last for 4 posts, but generally, the higher Skye’s level, the longer it will serve him.

Golden Skin: This spell transforms Skye’s skin into a metallic golden layer, protecting his body from devastating attacks. It only works on himself. (last 4 posts)

Elemental Aura: This spell encases Skye in a prismatic sphere that protects against all forms of elemental attacks. A counter effect of this sphere enables him to be more vulnerable to normal attacks too as well. (lasts 5 posts)

Invulnerability: As a master of defensive magic, Skye cloaks
himself in a magical aura of shimmering silver which lasts for 3 posts but makes him invincible to damaging physical attacks.

Counter Magic: Summon a magic matrix that hovers above you and negates enemies' spells aimed at you for 2 posts.

Special Spells And Techniques:

Hurricane: Turn a gentle zephyr into a blustering, tempestuous storm capable of immense havoc. No enemy will escape unscathed.

Fly: Command the winds to bear Skye’s weight and carry him safely through the air and over highlands. While flying, you may not be tripped but still could get hit by arrows.

Teleport: This spell teleports Skye to a random location in the fighting arena. (Within a 3 mile radius) Also it allows him to transport his opponent(s) to a random place within the same area. (Within a 3 mile radius)

Wind Wall: Creates a wall of air that surrounds Skye forming a defensive aura. But do not be fooled by its innocent presence as it will pulse and rage at Skye’s enemies.

Cyclone: Weave the winds into a violent, churning vortex that sweeps up everything in its path. No enemy will escape unscathed.


Unown for now.


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Since: 09-23-05

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Posted on 12-31-69 04:00 PM
U Don't Know Me.....
Originally posted by MyBad
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....Or Do You?

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