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05-22-22 10:21 AM

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Real name Patrick M. Perez jr. 
Location Petaluma,CA 
Birthday Wednesday, April 19, 1989 (33 years old) 
User bio Sim Charaters

Orpilus: Fist fighter whose more than just show.
Darkness: Master of shadows and fire.
Blood Raven: No not the game charater...
Violet: Blonde priestess of the greek gods.

Sample post

Ready to be challenged in sim battles

Since: 10-07-04
From: Petaluma,CA

Since last post: 5716 days
Last activity: 5193 days
Posted on 12-31-69 04:00 PM
Originally posted by Darkness
A sample quote, with a link, for testing your layout.
(sample text)


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User Comments
Banned: Hey hey... Now now you people... Stop hatin' on the everyone... >_< Darkness... You insulted Jexim in your Bio... so Jexim insulted you here... Even though he did it about 27 fold... @_@ Oh... and Why haven't you insulted ME in your bio, huh? I feel really left out. v_v
X Marks the Spot: Lol, you two are funny... And Darkness, the way you said that last comment makes it sound like he's your ex or something
Darkness: by the way it sound like your the one still stuck in the past I told you I was over it...
Darkness: Is it possible to erase this stuff...Jexim get a least I have one.
Jexim: oh... and I just saw your little comment on me in your Bio... and hey... if you're gonna talk about me... why don't you atleast tell the whole truth... first... you say i'm not nice to anyone... not true... the only people I'm not nice to are you Adam and maybe a couple of other people... just because I've hurt "your emotions" doesn't mean you can group every in school in with you... if you didn't act like you deserved the mean attitude that I have towards you... then I wouldn't have it... and the only reason I talk like I'm right is because I am... you never want to admit it and you want to talk like that makes me a bad person... but the fact is I only talk about things that I know... and I'm not rude to everyone... again grouping everyone into your depressing little world... I can't believe you can't get over your own misgivings about me and your GF... dude... I didn't take her... she dumped you... and asked ME out... after talking on the phone for roughly three hours... and because of all this you seem to have set out of personal vendetta against me... now... GET OFF MY FUCKING BACK!!!
Jexim: Darkness... I hate you... I desperately want to end your life... and all because you are a mockery of the existance called life... you do not deserve the breath that you pull from the air of this planet... you will amount to nothing in life and if it weren't for the fact that X still wants to hang out with you I would never have to deal with you... As it is... I actually think that you are bordering on retardation and your feminism is worse than a little fellows named Adam... I really do think your a woman... and your exgirlfriend had to dump you because she didn't consider herself a lesbian... what does that say about you?... I mean really... I hate having to deal with you... you have seriously almost killed DDR for me... I almost don't want to play anymore because I know you play... Shaddow counsled me back onto the pad... he's the only thing saving you from the vengful wrath of a scorn DDR Player... And what is it with you and your stealing of mine and shaddows habits... you never did huggles or before you meet Mark... and don't try to deny it... I have chronological evidence of when you started saying that... and it wasn't until after you meet Shaddow... And DDR... you only got into that after me and Shaddow and XMtS were playing it... and you keep talking over yourself... the way you describe yourself... your better than Shaddow... but I've go news for you... YOUR NOT!!!... GET YOUR OWN FUCKING LIFE!!!!... if I see you or see you posting on any of my threads before school starts then I will personally hunt you down... and hey.... you can quote me on that...
Broken Dreams: im new too just started for like a motn still on light trying to do standard though.
Darkness: Yeah but the best I can do so far is standard mode...But im still practicing
Broken Dreams: O.O YOU LIKE DDR <3
Broken Dreams: *glomps and huggles* ^.^
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